The Spanish culinary specialties do not miss your cooking! Salivate!


Spain is a country of good living and if the Spanish are clearly different from French by their sense of identity, belonging, the culinary level, there is little difference. The Spanish culinary not differ especially since their ingredient is wholly or substantially embellished oil, wing, onion, tomato ... Whether you live in Spain or not, nothing prevents you salivating before of delicious Spanish dishes. Check out our top 20 Spanish culinary. These dishes are to be consumed with or without a famous Spanish red wine. Get cooking!

1. The Spanish charcuterie.

The reputation of Spanish sausage is no longer to do: secallona the fuet the boutifarres the Llonganissa the dolça Girona ... Whether tapas, sandwich without accompaniment in salads. ... you will find all the flavors: spicy, peppery, nature, slightly sweet ... Serve for all occasions: they appeal to all tastes and always finding success !

2. Escalivada

The escalivada can both be used as input, tapas or accompaniment. Her recipe is especially easy to make and its success is proven. Just make leather baked eggplant, peppers and other vegetables such as zucchini or asparagus ... Then cut vegetables band. Season the dish with olive oil and serve! This light dish and particularly tasty is a real recipe from this sunny country to singing accent.

3. Pa amb tomàquet

This dish, said the Catalan bread is not to be taken lightly. this is an institution of Spanish gastronomy. Rub thick slices of country bread with garlic. Then cut the tomatoes in half to rub the tomato slices on slices of bread. Salt and add the olive oil.

4. Mushrooms Catalan

The Spanish mushrooms adorn Spanish dishes and are a real value to the Spanish gastronomy. You have a choice: the Níscalo the guiscano the rovellon. They can decorate a dish but can also be eaten alone with a hint of olive oil, parsley, garlic. Everything should be back in a pan or can also be eaten cold.

5. All i oli

You know the aioli: the famous garlic mayonnaise. This kitchen in a very easy way. Just crush two cloves of garlic in a bowl. Mount mayonnaise by whisking the egg yolks with the oil until the sauce rises. Mix the two and refrigerate. You can add lemon, salt and pepper. This sauce can accompany cod, hot dishes such as cold and may also be on tapas.

6. Boles of picolat

bowls picolat or meatballs Catalan meatballs are cooked with minced meat. Add to these tomatoes meatballs, olives, beans, garlic and parsley and porcini mushrooms or Spanish. The recipe is very easy as it is to soak the beans the night before and mushrooms in a bowl of warm water, remove them when they are soft and soak the dry bread in the same milk. To make the meatballs, mix ground beef, bread crumbs, eggs, garlic and parsley. Then form the stuffing balls and fry these balls one by one in a casserole. Make leather chopped onions and peeled tomatoes. The mixture should be thick and melted. Then add carrots, bols, mushrooms, beans and let cook everything letentement.

7. Ouillade

ouillade is Spanish food cooked meat, cooked vegetables. Everything must simmer at length in a large pot. This very simple dish, yet very relished which can make many variants rather consumes winter.

8. Bouillinade

This is the Spanish equivalent of bouillabaisse. To make this dish is simple. Simply peel potatoes and put them in water. Obtain an earthenware dish, pour in oil and add the minced garlic. Make leather low heat. Add the potatoes, lard, chili, salt and flour. Pour water and hold it to boil for 10 minutes. You can add prawns, monkfish and cook ..... again 10 minute. Add to the dish of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and the aioli and you believe in Spain.

9. Cargolade

The Spanish are very fond of snails and eat all the sauces. This dish is to grill the snails barbecued until they stop drooling. Serve with all i oli which we told you the recipe above. The Spanish like to enjoy this dish the fire and as we understand them!

10. The Catalan sauce

The simplest dishes are tastier thanks to support worthy of the name. If you come to Spain, you will taste this sauce in many dishes since it can accompany the fish, meat and even vegetables. This sauce is made from tomatoes decorated with garlic, parsley, olive oil and onion.

11. Fideuada

This specialty from Valencia is to leather pasta in a broth of fish. Then add some crustaceans such as cuttlefish, squid, lobsters .... and others. This is an equivalent of a paella but with pasta. A real treat!

12. Catalan Estouffat

This dish is a dish of sun and no matter the weather, you will feel the warmth and sun of Barcelona in your palate and into your heart. The recipe is simple and guarantees gustatory pleasure! Make brown the sliced ​​beef in a skillet and place in a casserole with carrots and onions. Then add white wine or red wine, tomatoes, salt, pepper and a bouquet garni. Finally, add the potatoes to the meat and simmer. You can integrate this dish of leeks, turnips, rind, porcini .... Unleash your imagination!

13. Calçotada

calçots are Valls side of onions in Spain. The dish is to grill the barbecue: a true marvel .

14. Sarsuela

This dish is known throughout the Spanish Mediterranean coast. This is a very friendly places. Composed of crustaceans such as prawns, lobsters, prawns, fish, shellfish, fried calamari and mussels. All income in a special sauce called sofregit cooked from olive oil that was used to fry fish. Sauce we did back in grated onions, tomatoes, chopped garlic, saffron, parsley and some dried fruit.

15. Parrillada

This dish consists of a varied assortment of fish but also of different meats.

16. Catalan cream

This is a Spanish creme brulee. It is lighter than the French since replaced the cream with milk.

17. Pastisset

These small turnovers filled will rage if you serve for dessert.

18. Mel i mato

This fromate Spanish sheep can be served from the cheese for dessert but also by accompanying honey.

19. Coca

This is a soft almond. This cake should be cooked almonds basic and rage!

20. The Spanish tortilla

This is a big omelette which is lined either potatoes or vegetables. To make a Spanish tortilla, fry in a pan and a good dose of oil 4 large potatoes into slices and 1 sliced ​​onion and this for 10 minutes. Drain the potatoes, empty olive oil and add 5 beaten eggs mixed with potatoes and peppers lamellae in the pan. The tortilla can be served hot and cold, accompanied with serrano ham, a barbecue sauce or plain.