The unmissable outings for children in Lille

The city of Lille organizes many events for adults but also for children. It is sometimes hard to find how to occupy your children in a fun way, this town makes you things easier. Here is a list of seven activities for children to do in Lille.

1. The rink

This rink is the largest in France with 3300m2 and a playful track of 1500m2 and a sports track. The fun run is dedicated to children and teenagers who want to have fun.

2. Lights Waz'm

The house Wazemmes Christmas celebration welcoming all families wishing December 19 from 14h. On the program: creative workshops, performances and snacks and all at a very attractive price because everything is free. The show will take place at 15h, a toy will be organized and crafts will be offered.

3. When I am small

What better music to explore the world of children and their dreams? Unlimited company welcomes children from 6 years to embark on his boat music who decides to realize the dream of children and see what happens. The songs, guitars and violins punctuate this show so poetic spectacle during which the children will feel that everything is possible, everything is possible. The 21, 22 and 23 December.

4. Circus Pinder

Do the nice surprise to get your kids to the circus Pinder. They will be transported by the white lions of Frederic Edelstein, will laugh at the clowns will be blown away by the performance of jugglers, acrobats and will enjoy popcorn, cotton candy and other sweet treats.

5. The story of the soldier

This is a musical spectacle and narrative of the author Charles Ferdinand Ramuz and the composer Igor Stravinsky. This inter-generational tale affect both children over 8 years and adults. You follow the story of Joseph soldier returning from leave, who plays the violin resting on the edge of a stream. The devil disguised as old man asked him to exchange his violin against a magical book that will allow him to be rich. What will Joseph choose? A scenography breathtaking, poetic narratives and rich, dances and songs make this show, an exceptional show that you and your children will remember.

6. Tchoupi danced the alphabet

Find Tchoupi January 20 in a lovely and poetic musical. While Tchoupi and his friends decide to go save Doudou has been forgotten in the class, the letters of the alphabet begin to dance all by themselves! Under cover of this show, children will learn the alphabet in a fun way.

7. Hello Kitty Live

This musical show combining dance, singing and pretty Hello Kitty story that wants to go after her dreams delight young and old.