Neighborhoods or to party in Paris


Paris is the city of the Enlightenment and Romanticism. But not only because it is also the city where you can party in various neighborhoods to get your fill of entertainment and pleasure. Here are the trends and hottest to party and spend unforgettable moments neighborhoods.

The Latin Quarter

Located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, the Latin Quarter is the most connected place. This is where to find all students and all young people to have a drink in a bar or to discuss on the edges of densely populated streets.

The Marais

Very chic and posh neighborhood the Marais is also the meeting place of those who like to party at night. This district has indeed many bars and many front-box for unforgettable moments.

The Pigalle area

We can not party in Paris without going through the Pigalle district. This area is really for the party and for going out with friends and night. Drinking before-clubs, restaurants, you make your choice based on your needs.

The Republic Square

Making the connection between several districts of Paris, the Republic Square is perfect to party and spend your evenings so have fun and be entertained. Many bars and restaurants are.


If you like the capital, you should not miss the Montmartre area to really delve into Parisian life. Small bistros and restaurants are available to share a good time with friends or even couples.

Le Châtelet-Les Halles neighborhood

In this area you will get a trendy nightclub that is 1979. This club offers theme nights but also a very funk and 80s for fans of the genre.

The Champs Elysees neighborhood

In this very exclusive area of ​​Paris, you can go to the famous hotel night what the Queen. You will be able to live a truly exceptional experience in this mythical place in the capital.

Saint Germain

In this trendy part of the city, you can spend evenings in private clubs on top of the latest generation. Not to mention the many bars that open their doors late into the night.

Paris 20th district

Paris 20th is the popular location of the capital with a famous night club that has many dance halls with different styles.

The district Bastille

Do not hesitate to go to the Bastille district to party and enjoy the best addresses.