The hot neighborhoods or to party in Marseille


the trendiest districts of Marseille to come out and party

Marseille remains one of the mythical city of tourism, the beach and visits but is also known for its incredible atmosphere, typical southern hospitality and its trendy places like nowhere else. Some neighborhoods are more popular than others for its bars, restaurants and other places to party.

The neighborhood of La Plaine

La Plaine district is one of the liveliest of Marseille. We can easily find music venues and shows, but also friendly and quirky bars, cinemas and nightclubs to dance all night. Baby Club is a few hundred meters from the area and did double duty restaurant, bar and nightclub. It also advises Fiesta Cours Julien to taste excellent tapas but also test the alcoholic cocktails and drinks of your choice while listening to good music with various groups.

The Old Port

This is both a very tourist district of Marseille but also a place to go for young people with many bars and restaurants that animate. Side restaurants, you will have a choice of menus margin, late service and a good atmosphere. To continue the evening on that same vein, many bars offer a warm welcome in a festive atmosphere. Thus will the side of Barbarossa, a rum bar on the very particular theme of pirates and ships. We also like the Polikarpov and Sharp for their trendy atmosphere.

Place Castellane

This is one of the essential places of Marseille. To go sightseeing, shopping or finding bargains in the famous market day but to be out at night. In particular, there is the Prado and Caesar, two popular cinemas and many varied restaurants.

L'Escale Borely

We know this popular and tourist district of the city, parks and cafes and the remaining range. But the nightlife is lively and you can spend a lovely evening at the beach and especially the Sport Beach, a trendy bar and chic.

The area of ​​Cours Julien

This particularly trendy Marseille contains everything you need to spend days, evenings or nightlife. Restaurants, bars and cafes for all styles and tastes animate this area where it is very nice to go out but we can also visit galleries and exhibitions of artists. This area attracts many tourists but also remains one of the favorite neighborhoods of Marseilles.