The hot neighborhoods or to party in Lyon


Lyon neighborhoods to go out and have fun

Whether you are tourists or Lyon, couples or friends, students or employees, young or old, we are always looking for a nice place to party. Although there are bars, clubs, restaurants and night clubs located throughout the city, some neighborhoods are more favorites than others and attract many people to come and spend flaming evenings or nights. Apart from these places of meeting and celebration, it is often very touristy with symbolic monuments, parks and beautiful cobbled streets as found in Vieux Lyon for example.

The Saint George

Located in Old Lyon this area is very crowded and very popular to have fun, relax and meet new people. Life is busy day and night. Both tourists and Lyonnais like to be in this neighborhood that moves the city. Bars, shops, nightclubs, clubs of all kinds waiting for an unforgettable festive nights. You will find as welcoming places in vogue such as Boui Boui, theater cafe in the street or Mourguet The Foundry, a great cocktail bar.

The Saint Paul

Also located in Old Lyon, this district is one of the hot spots of the city in which to go out with friends, walk around, have a drink, dance to programming or varied or meet new people. There are exceptional places like Angela, a popular pub which is also music bar. For wine lovers, we recommend a walk in the Cave of travelers on a journey out of the ordinary.


This is a neighborhood that marked especially by the diversity of its population. Almost all ethnic groups are represented. It is the student district of Lyon. This old neighborhood of brothels is now a district student who moves and stays busy all night.

The Fourvière district

For tourists but also for the party animal Lyonnais, Fourvière district is a must. With its historical monuments such as the Basilica and a magnificent Gallo Roman theater represents a symbol in Lyon. Visits, walks but also restaurants and bars of all kinds animate this very nice area.

La Croix Rousse

Very student bars or pubs discos but also other clubs attract many people in this lively city. If one is looking really crazy bars, it will push the ride to Plateau de la Croix Rousse. There are also organized theme parties or some more unusual places like original art gallery or some underground stores.