The hot neighborhoods or to party in Bordeaux


The main areas where to party in Bordeaux

Whether you are passing through Bordeaux or even if one is a regular in the city's lively, crowded and with a nocturnal and festive always retain a special attraction for most of us. Whether you want to walk in the crowd, a drink with friends, invite her partner in the restaurant or spend an unforgettable evening, discover or rediscover the good Bordeaux addresses to party.

Saint-Pierre district

In this district is located in the northeastern part of the old city, the atmosphere is very lively, lively tourist. Above all there are many restaurants and bistro, and the nightlife is in full swing. You can also stay on site thanks to the many hotels that animate the neighborhood.

The Notre Dame

This neighborhood is both very cosmopolitan, trendy and trader. Cafes, restaurants, bars and brasseries attract visitors and revelers throughout the city for frenzied evenings on various schedules, the alcohol will and especially good wine that made the reputation of the city. The Notre Dame and lodge between the Public Garden and the famous pier of Bordeaux.

The Bacalan district

This is a tourist area par excellence. This historic site remains an emblem for the city and a major industrial and commercial centers. This is an area with many ethnic groups and that attracts people of the whole city as well as many tourists. It is very favorable to outings and walks in the day or night at the edge of the platforms. The submarine base, a true historical and cultural relic has become a very attractive place for exhibitions of all kinds, shows, jazz concerts or other in a largely moved underground space.

The Chartrons district

This is the famous district of merchants and shops in the city. It attracts the Bordeaux tourist crowd but also thanks to its many terraces and shopping centers. The Chartrons is a district that moves with its 33 shops, 13 restaurants, cafes and terraces open on weekends to go out with family, couple or party with friends.

La Bastide

La Bastide is the main industrial district of Bordeaux. It runs along the Garonne and faces the Place de la Bourse and the former Gare d'Orleans. This historical monument was now converted into a huge cinema complex with over 17 rooms. The Parc des Berges and the Botanical Garden are offer excellent opportunities to park your car and walk until the film show begins. Cafes and restaurants are night owls to end the evening in style.