The main paragliding spots in France

To fly alone, it is mandatory insurance for airline liability, the authorization of the owner of the launch site and the owner of the planned landing site. It must also obtain the opinion of the mayor flown Commons. On the other hand, the emergency landing is allowed everywhere in France. The pilot's license is not required, thereby continuing his training to autonomy within a club.

paragliding schools labeled FFVL EFVL (French school of free flight) offer introductory courses with different possibilities depending on the objectives. There is paragliding schools throughout France, and not only in the mountains

Among the most famous spots include:.

Gorges region of the Great Causses Tarn is recognized as a major paragliding spots in France and the Louron valley in the Pyrenees or paragliding and hang gliding has experienced very strong growth in recent years.


-Saint-Hilaire du Touvet on the tray of small rocks in Isère. This is the only place the Coupe Icare, the largest global event of free flight. It takes place every September since 1974 in Saint-Hilaire du Touvet and Lumbin, Isère (France).

-In the Vercors Massif.

-In the Massif Vosges, Thur Valley, Treh, Gustiberg, Drumont, is one of the best paragliding sites in Europe and one of the most accessible