The main national parks in Croatia

If you plan to stay in Croatia decline in ecotourism, know that you will not fail to address to. Indeed, the country has many green spaces that will delight tourists in oxygen. The main national parks in Croatia are 8 in number to know:

The National Park Brijuni Islands this park is south-western coast of Istria. It consists of two islands: the main island Veli Brijuni, Mali Brijuni the small island and 12 smaller islets. Visiting these islands you can discover many species of animals imported from around the globe. The main attraction of this park is that it offers both a romantic nature and a cultural trip thanks to some monuments scattered here and there in the two islands, such as Bijela Vila (White Villa) located on the island Veli Brijun there is the former residence of Marshal of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito. On the same island is a safari park, home to many species of live animals in freedom.

The National Park Risnjak: this park is south of the capital Zagreb. it spreads over an area of ​​63.5 km² studded with woods and mountains. Its peaks are covered with snow almost all year, you can just imagine the beauty of the landscape. Although it is not far from the capital, the park does not undergo a great influence of visits and that's good. So if you are looking for a quiet corner to enjoy a gross and wild nature this park is for you.

The National Park Mljet: this park covers the entire western part of the island. It has two beautiful lakes: Veliko Jezero, Grand Lake and Malo jezero, the Small Lake. Being salt lakes there are many species of shellfish: mussels, oysters, sea pinnes and more. By visiting this park be sure to get to the island of Sainte-Marie and discover the 12th century church and the old monastery that now houses a gourmet restaurant.

The National Park Kornati Islands is off the Dalmatian coast lies this park. It consists of 148 islands and many smaller islands. There are many species of sea birds and sheep brought there to graze freely. If you love diving, you will find your happiness in the Kornati islands.

The National Park Telascica: this park covers much of the island Dugi Otok. It offers excellent hiking trails.

The Krka National Park: This park consists of lakes and waterfalls. You can see magnificent falls of more than 37 m high. Prepare your photos the landscape is breathtaking

The National Park Paklenica. This is the paradise for climbers. The appointment thrill and adrenaline rush.

The National Park Plitvice: it is the most beautiful of all the national parks of Croatia. Its beauty has earned its ranking as World Heritage by UNESCO.