Most casinos in the world crazy

From Las Vegas to Macau and Monaco, casinos compete extravagance to attract players of wheels and poker & hellip; Some are crazy, as evidenced by the top 10!

10-Wynn Macau

The Wynn casino is not an excuse to play, but also to the luxury room: suites, massage, spa, Michelin-starred restaurant & hellip;

Source: wiki / Wynn_Macau

9-Bellagio Las Vegas

A legendary casino among the most luxurious in the world, rooms in various upscale restaurants.

Author: Clement Bardot / Wikipedia

8-Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the Las Vegas of the US East Coast, and best casino remains the Borgata.

Author: https: //en.wikipedia. org / wiki / User: PilotBob / Wikipedia

The Venetian Macao-7

A kind of Venice giant, The Venetian is simply the largest casino in the world, with tens of bars, restaurants, entertainment, etc & hellip;

Author: / photos / vixyao /

6-Monte Carlo Casino

One of the most exclusive casinos in the world and of course totally mythical circles for players.

Author Fruitpunchline - Wikipedia

5-Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

Two hours drive from Johannesburg, in the middle of nowhere, a giant entertainment complex with a host of activities, including safari during the day!

Author Chantalsmith96 - Wikipedia

4-Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

57 floors, a view over Singapore, 8 billion investment for its construction & hellip; excess in all its splendor.

Author: Walter Lim http: // www. - Wikipedia

6-Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

If the Marina Bay is not sufficient, Singapore has a second giant casino, 1,500-room, a large Oceonarium and Universal Studios & hellip park;

Author Schristia < span>

7-Atlantis Casino & Resort, Bahamas

Golf, Beach, among the most expensive rooms in the world, we easily lose a fortune at Atlantis.

Author Lvaton https: //en.wikipedia .org / wiki / User: Lvtalon

8-The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

This is of course in Las Vegas found the craziest casino: the must Cosmopolitan on the Strip.

Author Cygnusloop99 https: // commons / wiki / User: Cygnusloop99