The most beautiful cities of Switzerland


A holiday in a country like Switzerland is a real privilege. Everything is there ! beginning with breathtaking natural beauty, gastronomy combining tradition and modernity, and delicious chocolates recognized worldwide. Switzerland is also famous for its knives and watches, a veritable land of luxury. Choose your destination among those few cities.

Geneva, a not very tourist city

Although Geneva is a large city, it is not very crowded. This will allow you to fully enjoy the lake and stroll through the most popular neighborhoods. Be sure to visit St. Peter's Cathedral and the Museum of Old Geneva during your stay in the region.

Zurich, a city in constant turmoil

The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is considered the economic capital. Attended by the most wealthy businessmen in the world, this city is considered one of the hubs of the global economy.

Bern, abundant tourist attractions

Capital of Switzerland, Bern has many museums, parks, and beautiful homes you can visit during your stay in the city. It has in recent years become the most infatuated tourist destination. You particularly like the local cuisine.

Lugano, a city ruled

If you want to spend your holiday in peace and quiet, choose Lugano, a little paradise away from movements and sounds of the big Swiss cities. You will have the chance to practice water sports such as jet skiing or windsurfing if you're in the neighborhood.


Amusement parks, large sleeping area, long walk through the city are the activities you can practice in Locarno. The city provides a change of scenery and you will reconcile with nature.

Montreux, the city of jazz

Lovers of jazz music? Montreux organizes an annual festival that brings together all jazzistes worldwide. An opportunity for you to explore the city and its beautiful parks and gardens.

Crans-Montana, a true resort

Crans-Montana lies a natural treasure. It's also a good place for alpine sports. During your walk, give yourself a break in the center of Crans-Montana Congress.

Verbier for a unique winter holiday!

Spend your winter holidays in Verbier, a ski resort popular with tourists in this season will be only pure happiness. In summer, it offers beautiful scenery, ideal for picnics with the family.

Gstaad insured luxury holidays

This is a place not far from Bern, which offers various activities. The town of Gstaad is the most popular holiday destination for stars and celebrities. You will find luxury cottages, several star hotels, and extremely refined dishes.

Zermatt, for ecological holidays

Like the mountain & hellip; Nature interests you? Zermatt offers visitors beautiful hiking through its inexhaustible natural resources. Hard to resist these greens. Zermatt is also a favorable city in summer skiing.