The most beautiful cities of Portugal

Portugal is a country that tourists are more and more want to explore their surroundings but also for its historical and cultural wealth. Here are just for you the Top 10 most beautiful cities of Portugal to visit a priority during your stay on the land of tradition and discovery.


Portugal's first city to visit is Lisbon, the capital. With its many activities, its authentic charm, narrow streets lined with restaurants and bars, Lisbon is a very pleasant city full of riches


Porto is a Portuguese city that is recognized among all for his incredible pier lined with small colorful houses that are also famous. This capital of the North offers a view of the most incredible and is very picturesque with its cobbled streets and the city center.


During your stay in Portugal, feel free to visit the city of Evora for its lifestyle and its charming surroundings. It has an exceptional historical and architectural heritage and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that you will take great pleasure to discover.


Coimbra is known for its ancient university and it is a very lively atmosphere and student awaits travelers. You'll enjoy a drink in a bar downtown or to go shopping.


Sintra is a very whimsical Portuguese city that will surprise you and you s├ęduire.Cette city is especially known for its many historical monuments such as churches but also museums and universities.

Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo is a port city in Portugal that has to reconcile tradition and modernity. With its metal bridge which was built by the famous Eiffel but also its Baroque Palace and the Renaissance, you will be charmed by the many discoveries that await you.


You will enjoy visiting the historic heart of this charming city full of wealth. Art lovers will also find a great interest due to its myriad fountains and its many museums.

& oacute; bidos

& oacute; bidos is a very old and completely walled city, making it its reputation and its beauty. Surrounded by thick walls and cobbled streets, this city will take you through time and Portuguese traditions. Not to mention the many culinary specialties that can be enjoyed to delight your taste buds.

& Guimar atilde; es

This city is very important for the Portuguese because it was the birthplace of the first king of the country. Guimar & atilde; es is a city that has an unusual character with its beautiful tree-lined avenues and markets in the streets and discover many colorful and fragrant stalls .


Finally, Tavira based in the Algarve is a popular destination with tourists for its pleasant living environment. Enjoy a fabulous stay to relax in a luxurious hotel or to go to the beach.