The most beautiful cities of Italy

For an unforgettable holiday away from the daily routine, choose as a destination of Italy, the city where everything is possible. You can make adorable meetings if you are single, taste the local dishes, to discover Italian culture, etc. To help you settle in, here are some of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

The Tuscany, cradle of art and refinement

This is Tuscany as you discover the most famous works of the Renaissance. If you love art, you will eyeful. Good bottles of wines and delicious cheeses also await you in this region. Do not miss the Tower of Pisa and Florence.

Venice, the land of love

Venice is undoubtedly the ideal city for lovers. City surrounded by water, you can do a gondola ride to explore the historic sites. Take a trip to the abandoned city of Torcello.

Verona, the city of passion

If you're in Verona, you will discover a quiet town, peaceful, that makes you want to linger to enjoy a nature charm unusual. You will have the impression of living in the time of rebirth by the characteristics of the city.

Rome, or beautiful life

Rome has many tourist attractions. To cite only the Colosseum and many relics and symbols of the Roman Empire. Immerse yourself in the world of gladiators and royalty visiting every corner of Rome.

Palermo, the African-European city

You will be amazed to know that Palermo is only a few hundred kilometers from the Tunisian coast. For that alone, the city is attractive. Visit also Ballaro, an authentic market that reflects the North African culture.

Naples, a veritable monument

Naples tells a story through its neighborhoods. This historic city has many infrastructure built in the Renaissance. local market, gigantic castles and streets proudly display their beauty to bring visitors a certain joie de vivre.

Bologna: up to gastronomy

I enjoy good food? The city of Bologna offers typical Italian varied menus. You can taste the famous fresh pasta that are the pride of this part of Europe, or deli varieties such as ham Bologna known worldwide.

Cagliari, the mixed culture

This is a city people in other cities frequently intersect. Cagliari is famous for its harbor mooring all types of boats. It also has a beach, it Poeto, or you can walk around and enjoy the sun.

Liguria for holidays close

This is an Italian region close to France. If you want to enjoy an authentic nature, a warm welcome and delicious Italian food, go to this little corner of paradise. Liguria

Sicily, refinement at will!

Welcome to the land of good wine and good food. Sicily is known for its prestigious bottles and its varieties of cheese. This Italian region is also famous for its olive oils.