The most beautiful cities of Spain


Part on holiday is good, but know how to choose the vacation destination is better! Spain has many cities as each other. You can play tourists, organize a cultural holiday, a honeymoon, etc.Chaque city has its own attractions. Here is a list of the best cities in Spain.

The city of Madrid

Madrid is one of the largest cities of Spain. If you love old architecture in perfect harmony with the present, you should not miss this city. The capital has several museums and countless entertainment day and night.

Seville, a traditional town

Total atmosphere in Seville! This city of Spain shows you everything that is tradition, culture and custom of the Spaniards. You can attend a bullfight, attend one of the largest processions in the world during Holy Week, or just stroll through the most beautiful areas like Sante Cruz for a change.

Salamanca, a city or school override

The city of Salamanca is home to the two most beautiful and oldest universities in the world. She has to her credit a hundred years of history. This is why it is part of the Heritage of Humanity. Take the night to mingle with students and immerse yourself in student life.

Barcelona, ​​a festive city

Aside from its famous football team, Barcelona is a very active city. You'll find all the distractions. If you like to party, it is the ideal city for a vacation. Seaside, bars, clubs are accessible for everyone at night.

San Sebastián, Basque vile

Located in the north of Spain, this city is famous for its wide beaches and its particular architecture. Fancy a dip? Go to San Sebastián and enjoy the sun and the sea freely. You can then stroll along the old port.

Granada, a city fairytale

This is in Granada you can admire the authentic architecture and soak up the Muslim culture. This city is the symbol of the good relationship between Muslims and the West and has great cultural wealth. Visit Calle Zacatin if you want to bring a little souvenir of the country.

C & aacute; ceres, a change of scenery

This is a little-known city the general public, but which contains many treasures. Enjoy a trip into the past, as if time had stopped in this part of Spain. C & aacute; ceres is an ideal destination for a rewarding discovery ballad .

Cádiz, between the beach and history

Cadiz is highlighted by the presence of a beautiful beach and a very old architecture that beautifies the city. old monuments, beautiful buildings, some streets to sneak through the neighborhoods are the few advantages of Cadiz.

Zaragoza, famous for its cathedral

If you do not know this city, it's time to make a small detour. You can go and visit the most beautiful cathedral in the world that is the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar.

Malaga, or beautiful squares abound

The city of Malaga is mainly characterized by its idyllic places such as arenas. You can also visit the harbor and admire the sea makes beautiful waves in the late afternoon. Be sure to make a trip to the great cathedral.