The most beautiful towns in Croatia to discover or rediscover

Croatia attracts more and more tourists come to enjoy its beautiful beaches or romantic cities in the rich historical heritage. The architecture of certain neighborhoods reflects the whole culture of this beautiful country with unquestionable treasures. Among the outstanding heritage, we can retain some of these wonderful cities that we never get tired of visiting.


When we speak of the beauty of the cities of Croatia must clearly address its capital, Split, also identified as one of the largest cities in the region. In the center, we discover an impressive architectural complex with an imposing medieval town in the famous palace of Emperor Diocletian dating back over 1,700 years.


One admires the authenticity of this small medieval city and the charm of this city that has been preserved from urbanization and particularly its old town on an island and declared World Heritage Site. Churches, mansions, hiking trails and other buildings eras offer much opportunity to walk on foot and explore the city at their own pace.


This city is a mandatory stop during a trip to Croatia. the Pearl of the Adriatic is rightly calls it thanks to a true architectural treasure, listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The old town is stunning with a wall along the sea and stunning views.


Some little behind this picturesque and beautiful city worth that we organize the trip to go visit it. It will be the opportunity to discover one of the largest Roman amphitheatres. The old town of Pula also offers the possibility of beautiful walks. We can sit down in one of its charming cafes. Do not miss also the Place du Forum.


The charm of this small island in Croatia shopping and skirted by sailors is the preferred destination of tourists and especially the French. Its local charm borrowing from medieval times especially within its city located just to the east of the island plunges us immediately into a picturesque and authentic atmosphere. Marco Polo is claimed that there would be a native of this island. All the attractions that it offers allow it to nothing envy the most beautiful tourist destinations. Visits, walks and also purchases of all kinds are at the guests' disposal.