The car parks in Barcelona


The city of Barcelona has a large number of parking located throughout the city and its suburbs. They are mainly located near the metro and trams, tourist attractions and shopping centers. Some hotels also have parking. Choosing a good parking will depend on several factors such as time, cost and location.

The parking adopt multiple billing systems, multi-day, day and billing billing by the hour. Some car parks in Barcelona are free, some are paid and sometimes very expensive, especially those to the major tourist sites. Indeed, in areas frequented by tourists one hour parking costs about 3 euros a day and costs between 20 and 35 euros.

One of the major disadvantages of car parks in Barcelona is that they are full all the time. Often it takes to launch a tedious search and go all round the car park for a place that can not recover. To overcome this problem "Parking Barcelona", offer the possibility to book a place online 24 hours in advance. In addition to the scarcity of tickets, access to plenty of parking by referring to maps is also difficult because the city has many streets where traffic is in one direction and one can easily get lost. < p> for motorhomes, there is secure parking and equipped for this type of vehicle not far from the Forum area. The price of parking will cost you around 30 euros a day.

For those who want to park their cars on the street, be careful to leave it in an authorized location. Otherwise, it is likely to fetch his car impounded and fined 175 euros and even more in the case of exceeding certain hours. We must also ensure that all cars are closed especially those involving foreign plates to guard against the risk of theft.

Barcelona bikes also have their right to parking. There are many parking spaces dedicated to the two wheels.