skiing levels: stars, chamois, etc ... we told you

In France, the ESF, the French Ski School, governs everything about skiing and practice, and it does not new, since it was founded in 1927 ... Soon the need a échelonage ski levels among practitioners has been felt, especially with the development of the number of skiers. Thus was born the test of chamois in 1936 ...

Meanwhile, skiers graduation system has made it clear, with levels defined for skiers children, adults learning late in life, but also experienced skiers, who still have some steps to go to harvest all rewards of the ESF.

But the one we always remember, this is still the first star of skiing! To pass these tests, please contact the ESF your station.

Ski levels for children

Even toddlers can now take ski lessons during the holidays in winter sports. And levels, you have to start somewhere. Each level is obtained at the end of a test adapted under the eye of a ski instructor. The detailed update on the child levels:

- Piou Piou a relatively recent invention, the Piou Piou rewards every child who participated in 1 week ski lessons before obtaining her cub. For beginners, therefore, between 3 and 6 years.

- Bear : the first real reward, gives her cub after graduating Piou Piou or if we have between 7 and 12 years. A first technical level is reached: know your equipment, speed control, snow plows, shoes / shoes off alone ...

- Flake : the next step after the Pooh, a little more technical. snowplough and parallel downhill skiing, sliding balance test, brake and stop on a gentle slope.

- the first star after flake, we begin to learn to ski. Average, skidding turns, taking account of the track elements, parallel skiing, skids ...

- 2nd Star ski parallel turns on matured average slope hummocky, we begin to add difficulty .

- 3 Star introduction schuss varied terrain, with sequence of corners including bumps and depressions on the track. It starts to become a real little skier!

- Bronze Star levels continue to climb, adding skiing on land like skiercross, light off to a sensational start, crossing gates and changes of rhythm during the test .

Golden -star: learning to downhill skiing on large slopes. it becomes serious there, with a downhill slalom timed and a series of technical exercises leading to the coveted award.

The adult beginners

Because everyone does not have the chance to learn to ski as a kid, and that was not necessarily want to be awarded the Pooh to 40 years, there is a scale of levels to pass for adult beginners also:

- 1 Ski for that never shod, does not know rotate, slide, make a snow plow, etc ... the beginning of everything

- 1st degree is easy on starts learning to fire the snowplows and down low to medium slope .

- 2nd degree skids, sculls, downhill keeping the skis parallel, we approach the true blue runs .

- 3rd degree : the real test, introduction to any terrain, all snow, to be ready to launch into the real alpine skiing while being at least technically prepared <. / p>

Ski Tests for '' pro ''

Once past the initial stages and rewards that are used to learn to downhill skiing in all its forms, the French Ski School has implemented a series of tests sanctioning levels of skiing more high. It is even possible to compare its achievements with those of international skiers, as these tests are finely graduated ...

- Le Chamois The test consists of a special slalom 30 to 40 gates and a vertical drop of 120 to 200 meters. Depending on the time achieved over that of '' opener '', gives his kid medal, bronze, silver, vermeil or gold, the ultimate

- arrow another test a little more full-bodied, with a giant slalom from 25 to 35 gates and a vertical drop of 200 to 250 meters. Depending on the weather, it begins dart, it ends in gold.

- Rocket is entered already in the category Super G with a slalom on a slope altitude reaching 200 300 meters ... even ranking as the previous categories.

- Record speed test on a slope of 300 to 500 meters long in a straight line, a vertical drop of 150 to 250 meters, calculated in kilometers / hour

- Skiercross technical course on a slope 700 meters long, vertical drop to 15 & deg ;, including whoops, tables and tight corners .

- Jump a long jump from a large hill, much like the Olympics after all ...

And now, so if you did not know how to take your next trip to winter sports, there's something correct!