The best museums in Barcelona


Spain as a global destination, the country includes many summer tourism and party animal that cultural tourism with its great historical and artistic value outside.

Many Spanish cities are known for their museums and the most important is probably Barcelona, ​​the cradle of Spanish history without hesitation. A visit to Barcelona wants indispensably mean a detour through its museums. Here is an idea of ​​the cultural side of Barcelona

Picasso Museum. For up to 1 million visitors each year, it is undoubtedly the most visited museum in Barcelona. This gallery totally dedicated to Pablo Picasso, you will find his masterpieces arranged chronologically from childhood to maturity. This exhibition explains in detail the evolution of artistic thought Picasso and the development of art he created

National Museum of Catalan Art. Being on the heights of Barcelona this museum offers in addition to the collection of works of art, panoramic views of the whole city. The collection in this museum includes paintings, sculptures and even a collection of Gothic and modern art works. A visit to this museum makes us easily understand the influence of Catalan art on contemporary works

Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona. Popular among the best attractions in Barcelona, ​​this museum contains leaders works from the second half of the 20th century and an important collection of other great artists valorous achievements. The exhibits of the museum change every four months, it is recommended to visit their website to better learn about the current exhibition during the dates of your visit

Museum Perdera. This museum is an architectural creation unconventional Antonio Gaudi, is the second most visited museum in Barcelona. The Perdera is probably the building whose architecture can be considered the most extravagant of Barcelona houses. It is said that several potential tenants did not want to settle on seeing the walls are not straight. Having become a museum, Perdera is the pride of Gaudi's achievements after the Sagrada Familia. Inside the museum, there are the detailed explanations of the architectural techniques of Gaudi.