The best museums of Athens

Greece is known as the cradle of civilization, of science, philosophy and art. Having a huge historical heritage, this country has always been a destination for cultural travel lovers but also thanks to its atmosphere known around the world as being warm and original.

Athens is the city that includes the most historic symbols throughout Greece, visit necessarily mean a detour towards her as rich and original museums

-. The museum Acropolis: located in the Acropolis neighborhood, this museum is considered one of the most important museums in the world. With a collection of masterpieces of inestimable value, this museum includes pieces from ancient Greece and we can mention: the sanctuary of Temenos as a historic symbol of ancient Greece. The museum also contains historical pieces from the Archaic period as sculptures, parts of temples, archaic knights. With such a large collection, it is unthinkable to visit Athens and not visit this museum. To delight history lovers

- the Ancient Agora Museum (Stoa of Attalos). This museum is an exact copy of the original Stoa built by King Attalos II around 150 BEFORE JC. The museum contains a large collection of historical objects: deposits, clay workshops, bronze, ivory and rare glass objects making this rich historical heritage outsized. The museum also contains pottery from the Byzantine period and the Turkish occupation

- The Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens. Located in the neighborhood of Kolonaki, the museum was founded in 1914 and contains a very important collection of Greek religious art from the 4th to the 19th century. Sculptures, mosaics, pottery, wood carvings and Byzantine manuscripts are waiting for you to delight history buffs

- The Museum of Greek folk instruments. Located in Plaka, this museum houses a outstanding collection of Greek musical instruments. It includes over 1,200 instruments used for traditional Greek music. Drums, tambourines, flutes, and hundreds of other stringed instrument and air are exposed in this museum to detail the Greek musical aspect in all its forms. An appointment not to be missed for music fanatics.