The best gourmet shops in Barcelona


Spain and its delights are known worldwide. Spanish cuisine known throughout the great leaders of Catalan cuisine has little need of witness. A visit to Barcelona inevitably leads us to the most demanding corners of this legendary city. Here is a route to be an unforgettable culinary pleasure. & # 13; Located on the Passeigb Garcia, the Mandarin Oriental stands out due to its spectacular setting. The breakfast in this hotel is a bit expensive but its price is largely justified by the diversification of its content. Meats, cooked eggs, fresh fruit, pastries, all gourmets will find them adding to these delights the extraordinarily decorated surroundings. At the buffet you can prepare yourself pa amb tomaquet typical Catalan specialty. Everything is done so that breakfast becomes a great moment of happiness for all. & # 13; Lunch time having sounded, the Spanish tradition you eat late, this will allow proper digestion breakfast as copious as the Mandarin Oriental. A simple sandwich in Viena, the Ramblas. You can sample everything from Viena, but we recommend the flute with Iberian ham (flute of Ibèric). This flute is made of crisp bread but also based with dried ham of excellent quality. & # 13; After a breakfast and lunch as good, it's time for dessert. Budo is sweet visit. A variety of candy settled comfortably in the window waiting for the greedy to please them. And best of all, nothing beats some candy of the highest quality: Papabubble. The sweets are made on site of a traditional way, mixing their colors and good smells worth it to get lost for a while. Do not miss the sugar cushions passion fruit. & # 13; In the hollow of the afternoon, a small detour to Barcelona-Reykjavik, a former bakery has preserved its original style and using only organic products. Traditional pastries or a simple piece of bread guarantees us a moment of pure happiness.