The best cheeses from France on a plate

Browse France is a treat for the palate. There are very different terroirs with wonderful culinary specialties as this selection of different cheeses regions of France. What expertise cheese!

1. County

This is the first PDO cheese in France. It is highly appreciated and popular and belongs to the Jura Mountains. These are the cow Montbéliarde and French Simmental producing milk County. This raw milk cheese to hard cheese can be enjoyed at various refinements, from 4 months maturing cellar. Over time develop in the paste of salt crystals.

2. Maroilles The

Cheese with raw milk, Maroilles stands with his soft with washed rind orange-red. Its shape is square and is produced in Avesnois in the Nord and Aisne. It is the oldest cheese selection. Its taste is pronounced.

3. Bleu de Gex

This veined is not well known, but it is a delight made with cow's milk of the High Jura plateau, between the Ain and Jura. It features its AOC and its origin dates back to the fourteenth century with the arrival of Savoy monks who settled in the Haut Jura. Interesting for its texture.

5. Munster

Its strong taste is unique, to enjoy with a glass of Gewurztraminer and caraway. This cheese from Alsace and the Vosges is made with cow's milk. This is a soft dough and washed rind. His strength and subtlety depend talent refiners cheese.

6. Brie de Meaux

AOC since 1980, raw milk cheese from the region of Brie is a flagship of the Ile-de-France. We forget too the agricultural dimension of the Capital Region. It is a soft cheese with a bloomy rind. It takes 25 liters of milk to produce cheese.

7. Picodon

This cheese soft goat milk and natural crust is delicious. We find this specialty in the Ardèche Cévennes, part of the Rhone Valley. But the best place to enjoy the Alps is certainly the Drôme. Its light spice with ripening us off. This is the first cheese that has gone around the earth in space shuttle with Jean-Jacques Favier, astronaut.

8. Ossau-Iraty

The Basque cheese is also found in the Béarn. It is made from sheep's milk, pressed paste type uncooked. Pastures with their rich vegetation bring to this cheese its strong fragrance. Thinly frank, it is eaten with quince or the famous Basque black cherry jam.

9. The Selles-sur-Cher

Delight made with goat milk, the Selles-sur-Cher is a raw milk cheese, soft cheese with a bloomy rind. Small, it is about 150 grams. Its flavor is sweet hazelnut aromas with a creamy paste.

10. Camembert

We could not make a selection of cheese, without this Normandy Camembert. Raw milk cheese of cow, the slightly salty dough is soft and the crust is flowery. We like it more or less flowing. It is still popular in France.

11. Saint-Nectaire

This is a pressed, uncooked. This cheese PDO is marked by the seal of authenticity. It comes from the Auvergne region. This is the rustic cheese selection with its nutty flavor.

12. The Saint-Maure de Touraine

Success cheese since the Middle Ages. AOC since 1990, cheese made from whole goat milk is a soft cheese, with gray surface mold. The white or ivory paste is crossed by a rye straw engraved the name of the appellation and certifying the origin of manufacture.

13. Cabécou

Cheese Perigord goat milk. Cabécou means goat in Occitan. This is the quoits our selection with a fine, creamy texture. The rind is pale yellow uniform. We love the nutty taste that becomes more distinctive with refining.

14. Morbier

This soft cheese, soft and smooth, AOP, refers to a raw milk cheese of cow. The milk produced in the Jura reveals this delicacy named after the Jura village of Morbier. It is recognizable by its thin black coal parting with frank and persistent fragrance and a slight taste of cream and fruit.

15. Chaource

Welcome in Champagne and Burgundy with this soft cheese with a bloomy rind predominantly lactic. Cow's milk used to produce this marvel named the city of Dawn where the market was held. Cylindrical 9 12 cm, its rind is white and downy. Its smell of mushrooms and cream is unique.

17. Tomme d'Auvergne

The fresh tomme occurs as large compact blocks weighing 2.5 kilograms. The pulp is white, unsalted, slightly spongy and without crust. This cheese is selected because it is the ingredient of the best hot dishes cheese. Aligot and truffles

18. Cantal

This cheese is pressed fourme dough, that is to say, which takes the form of a high roller. It boasts a PDO. It is found as the county in three forms: young Cantal, Cantal-between from 90 days Maturation and old Cantal from 8 months of ripening. The old is saltier.

19. La Boule d'Avesnes

This is the Belgian cheese our selection. It comes from the North, next to the Belgian border. These costs maroilles, mixed with pepper, parsley, tarragon, cloves. It is then molded by hand bell-shaped, washed beer during its ripening, and then rolled in paprika. Powerful and very special.

20. The flower scrub

This sheep cheese is delicious smelling Corsica. His cover of herbs, Juniper berries and small pimeaux birds give him the scent of the maquis. Sheep milk and spices blend perfectly. The recommended refining is 1 to 3 months.