The best recipes and chicken dishes

How to cook a good chicken 10 different ways

The chicken is a staple but certainly with some different recipes, you can make a unique dining experience whatsoever with chestnuts for entertaining friends, breaded to put water at the mouth of the Mac way children do, in the oven, and many many other ways.

The Basque chicken

This chicken recipe along with tomatoes, peppers, olive oil and seasoning transforms chicken pieces in a chic dish to serve to guests. The chicken olive oil mixture and tomato product exceptional taste.

Sliced ​​chicken

This recipe is very easy every day. You do not need a whole chicken but just white. Cut into strips and income with broth, chicken remains soft. It can be accompanied by rice, sautéed potatoes or other vegetables. This dish is very nice for children as easy to enjoy.

Chicken nuggets

nuggets or chicken nuggets are obviously one of the favorite dishes of the children also lays of parents. The only important recommendation for this preparation is to choose the right white finely chopped chicken. Then just roll the dough into a donut or breadcrumbs and cook everything.

Tajine chicken

exotic dish from it is increasingly asked in the traditional restaurants and home-cooked food is also inspired. It is very elegant serving a tagine and it shows a certain investment. It can accompany the chicken with almonds and prunes or add other vegetables. However, it is essential to bring a dish that goes in the oven.

Tortilla Chicken

You amaze the gallery with this recipe with chicken. Chile awakens the senses, while the tortilla mixture, peppers, tomatoes and lawyers will give an exquisite blend.

coconut milk Chicken

Coconut Milk is becoming increasingly popular for many dishes. It allows to let the tender chicken, giving an original taste and appearance worked flat.

Coconut Chicken and Pineapple

To add an exotic touch, can accompany the coconut milk chicken and pineapple. This fruit gives a small taste sweet chicken which allows more gold finish.

oven Chicken

Do not forget the famous chicken in the oven. This is an easy recipe to make and very convenient. Children like good roast side and just let the oven after our chicken.

Chicken Chorizo ​​

chorizo ​​goes well with chicken, and there are several variations of this recipe. Just cook the chicken by adding chorizo ​​washer and crushed tomatoes. This is an excellent recipe easy to make.

Colombo chicken

In this preparation, the chicken is accompanied among others thyme, coconut milk, zucchini, eggplant and red pepper. A rich and very spicy recipe that will make followers.