The best recipes and foie gras dishes

The best recipes and foie gras dishes

without foie gras holidays? It's just unthinkable, especially since the recipes are numerous. If you do not know much, this top 10 will help you to vary your menus at the restaurant or at home.

foie gras seared Scallops

still frozen scallops are salty, peppery and floured. They are then placed on high heat (no fat) for 30 seconds on each side and still 60 seconds. to serve with pears, ravioli or grapes, according to taste.

smoked salmon terrine

This is a classic. We buy raw foie gras, allowed to marinate some time before cooking it and voila! Chutney cherries, morel, dried fruits & hellip; The possibilities to decorate this refined dish are many.

Foie gras with sweet spices

The foie gras is separated into two. Between its layers, a four-spice mixture is applied, sugar, pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon nuts. This preparation will keep for about 10 days.

egg fatty liver casserole

Sometimes it is a bit of foie gras after the holidays. No waste. these remains were placed in the bottom of ramekin and whole egg is covered, taking care not to break the yolk. A little cream, salt and pepper and then shoves about 10 minutes.

fatty liver madeleines

A recipe for a drink. Just incorporate foie gras into a paste madeleines (the sugar is replaced with salt and pepper) and voila!

breast smoked duck foie gras

Foie gras is preferred for best results. The goal is to generously cover each slice of foie gras of duck.

fatty liver burned Cream

milk is mixed, the Maizena, fresh cream and, of course, foie gras for a perfectly homogeneous mixture. Bake 3 hours and enjoy. It's enough to surprise your guests.

foie gras Ballotins

This is a very easy recipe that requires only foie gras, salt and pepper. We roll the mixture into the film by giving it a cylindrical shape. The small boxes are then cooked in water at 80 & deg; C. After 10-15mins, preparation is placed in cold water and ice and then kept cool overnight.

foie gras puff apple

On a puff pastry, placing beautiful slices of foie gras which is then covered with apples (Granny or Golden). 10 minutes in a preheated oven at 165 & deg; C and it's ready .

bold autumn Tartine liver

Each slice of foie gras is coated in syrup chestnut and caramelized on both sides before being placed on a slice of bread (or brioche) golden.