The best beaches near Paris

when it was sunny and warm on the capital, we find ourselves somewhat limited to enjoy the summer fun: Paris Plage, so good, not a dip in the Seine, cafes, parks and gardens, all that, it's going a while, but the sea air is another thing. Normandy and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais are two areas near Paris, easily accessible, where the beaches of the Channel will succeed. For a swimming break, we have selected the 10 best beaches in less than 3 hours from Paris:


South of the Opal Coast, Berck has built since the nineteenth century a strong reputation for quality seaside resort. Berck is distinguished for its long beach of several kilometers sand, a beautiful dune cord, with numerous seaside leisure and more wilderness.

By train (and bus) or car from Paris, count 2:45.


Admittedly, this is not the most comfortable beach where put towels: large pebble beach of Etretat are not worth the sand! However, at the scene, hard to find more spectacular, with its famous cliffs. An iconic resort on the Normandy coast, lively and friendly, one of the most beautiful beaches in France.

By car from Paris, count 2:20, train and bus via Le Havre, 3h.


A charming resort on the Côte Fleurie, the typical charms of Normandy. A chic but relaxed strand, the long beach of Cabourg commands attention with a succession of villas up the waterfront, with the inevitable casino, a huge walk all along the beach which stretches all in length, out of sight ...

By car from Paris, count 2:20, train and bus via Caen 3 hours.


For the impatient, here's the nearest beach to Paris: directly connected by motorway, we are 200km from the capital. Pleasant city of Seine-Maritime, with its port and Norman paces, Dieppe offers two outstanding beaches. The long main beach 1.5 km, and the beach of Puys and cliffs

By car from Paris, count 2:05, train with change in Rouen, 2:15.


The most famous seaside resorts in Normandy, a symbol of the Côte Fleurie, Deauville preserved since the nineteenth century its status posh resort: charming shops, chic cafes, Belle Epoque villas ... Must Do: walk along boardwalk the vast beach where the movie stars appear names who participated in the American Film Festival of Deauville.

By car from Paris, count 2:10, train with change in Lisieux, 2:00.


Voisine Deauville, its counterpart (some) more popular, with its market and good restaurants of seafood. Here the long beach bordering the English Channel continues with its batch of boards, terraces and villas Norman. Sand pleasant end, lots of space to put towels as easily accessible as Deauville perfect for the weekend .

By car from Paris, count 2:10, train with change in Lisieux, 2:00.

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

The best known and most prestigious seaside resorts of the Opal Coast, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage attracted to her posh family atmosphere, its great architecture and original villas, alive by day and night but especially for its large sandy beach surrounded by dunes, along the English Channel.

By car from Paris, count 2:30, train and bus with change in Etaples, 2:45.


Or how to combine the pleasures of the beach with a visit to a small Normandy port of charm. For charm, Honfleur has it in spades: the docks, the old house, good restaurants, the holiday atmosphere ... and of course the beach: the beach of the booty, not far from the historical center, will be the ideal base for swimming.

By car from Paris, count 2:05, train and bus via Le Havre, 2:50.


Voisine Cabourg, Houlgate remains entirely in the juice resorts Norman charm. A long sandy beach features a seafront preserved unsightly buildings. There are the beautiful villas, the inevitable casino, the restaurants and the usual cafes.

By car from Paris, count 2:15, train and bus via Caen 3 hours.

Le Crotoy

In Picardy, about 2 hours from Paris, Le Crotoy is a popular port of call to enjoy the beaches and the nature of the Somme. Besides the beach of the resort to have a good swim, we ventured into the marine environment preserved through the Marquenterre park, bird watching, wildlife and wild flora.

By car from Paris, count 2:15, train and bus via Abbeville, 2:40.