The best beaches in Mexico

Plongée à Playa Del Carmen

If you are in need of sun and beach, fly away to Mexico. With 10,000 kilometers of coastline, the country has largely enough to satisfy your craving for sunbathing. Sandy beaches, pebble beaches, dizzying cliffs, there is something for everyone in Mexico. The country is full of places for swimming, among the essential places you Cancun. Here you'll get a turquoise sea, white sand and simply paradise. In Cancun the luckiest of you may even come across dolphins and swim with them. Enjoy your stay in Cancun for exploring Isla Mujeres, an ideal place to relax surrounded by nature.

Yucatan is also an ideal destination for a beach holiday in Mexico. This state is home to many beaches as beautiful as each other, you have for example, Playa del Carmen (located on the Mayan Riviera is ideal for the diving), Tulum and the beach resort Puerto Vallarta.

& # 13; If you still have time and you can afford it, do not miss to go to the island of Cozumel, a paradise for lovers of scuba diving and sports water: fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, etc.

in order to enjoy all these beautiful beaches, you will choose your period of stay.. Be aware that in Mexico the high season lasts from November to May. Try to avoid all the same in December, the country knows many hurricanes, which will risk ruining your vacation. You know without a doubt, but it is still necessary to remind you, try to book everything in advance: airfare, hotel room, car rental and even tours during peak periods this will cost you a lot less. Prices tend to go from single to double from one period to another.