The best stops in Malaysia Islands

Farniente, soleil et plages en Malaisie

You prepare your stay in Malaysia and you do not know where to stop first? More hesitation, because from that moment you will know that the first stop will be in Kuala Lumpur!

Upon arrival, take the hundreds of walking leading to his famous Batu caves and marvel at the splendor of the Hindu golden statue nestled up. Then treat yourself to a nice necklace of flowers with captivating perfumes. Reach inside and allow the food you offer to the signs. They greet you as you pass. Afterwards, do not forget to go to the city center. An opportunity to contemplate the legendary twin Petronas Towers with a height of over 150 meters.

Your second stop will be in Malacca. It is the city that will teach you the authentic history of Malaysia. Visit her neighborhood multifaceted. Among the churches, temples and castles, you can stop to enjoy a Malaysian flavor. Why not a good Pasu Kaemadu? This is a baked fish. Enjoy a delicious Garing Garing Fretu, poultry with shallots in one of its traditional restaurants. The journey continues.

Next stop, the majestic Singapore. The place where you will definitely want to still go and time again. Between the picturesque Merlion statue half-lion, half-fish and the Asian Civilizations Museum, tracing the history of the first inhabitants of the city. Go through China Town, where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs. Then follow the path of the Botanical Gardens, home to the best tropical plants in the world. Other areas await you during your stopover in Singapore before heading to the park Taman Negara, the Malaysian paradise on earth. Attempted ? Have a nice trip ! More on: