The best destinations in Europe

The best destinations in Europe

Paris and its iron lady, Venice and its gondolas, Prague and 100 bell towers and Amsterdam red light district, London and its rise guards .... The old continent is full of curiosities. If you want to discover, follow us it takes you to a tour of Europe.

The best destinations in Eastern Europe

If you are looking for interesting destinations and cheap, you Eastern Europe. Indeed, this part of Europe does not know the price surge of tourism, but until when? Among the most interesting places to discover in Eastern Europe you have: • Zadar (Croatia): Zadar is located on a peninsula north of Dalmatia. This is the green tourism destination lighthouse in Croatia. Nature lovers, this destination is yours. It comes in Zadar to enjoy its green (forests, mountains, gardens, parks), but also for its rich cultural heritage. A must see : - The Venetian fortifications dating from the sixteenth century. - The Roman Forum: or at least what remains of it. - The Archaeological Museum: it recounts the history of Zadar, from prehistory to the Middle Ages. mainly included is jewelry, pottery, ornaments and various objects. Address: 1 Place Opatice Cike in Zadar - Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9h to 13h and 18h ​​to 21h. Saturdays from 9am to 13pm. The museum is closed on Sundays. - The National Place a nice plaza renaissance. - Church St. Donat church building of Romanesque and Byzantine dating from the ninth century. - The Church of Our Lady, built in 1066. No stay in Zadar, without a ride along the seafront promenade. Your not be lulled by the music of the Sea Organ. The sound is simply bewitching. If you want a drink, go to the bar Garden Grow, belonging to James Brown. • Ljubljana (Slovenia): The capital of Slovenia is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, its landscapes are worthy of a postcard: green valley, streams, picturesque bridge, narrow cobbled streets, etc. Enjoy your stay in Ljubljana for a bit of culture, it is really worth. For example you can go: - In Ljubljanski grad (Ljubljana Castle) a medieval castle that stands on the heights of the city. Many cultural and artistic events are organized in the castle. - At the St. Nicolas Cathedral: you can not miss it, it is identified by its green dome. It is located on Vodnik Square. - The Bridge of Dragons: this bridge dates from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it was erected in 1900. At nightfall go downtown, the atmosphere is at its height. • Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Mostar has suffered greatly from the Balkan war, as can attest to its extensive remains. Enjoy your visit to Mostar to visit: - The Old Town and its beautiful Old Bridge (Stari Most). - The old hamlet of Brankovac: an Ottoman-style building. - The Karadzozbeg church. - The Franciscan Church, which contains the largest bell in the country. - The old village of Blagaj - The Herzegovina Museum. - Natural Park Ruište. A walk in the city center of Mostar is required, you will discover beautiful old style buildings.

The best destinations in Western Europe

According to the UN Western Europe comprises 9 countries, namely France, Germany, Monaco, Austria, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. So many interesting places to discover. If one should choose a few, it will be without any hesitation: • Paris, France) : Paris is a timeless destination. It is the most visited city in the world. If you do not have yet have the opportunity to visit, it will be the occasion. Visiting Paris is going: - At the Eiffel Tower: the most beautiful and most famous iron tower in the world. The Iron Lady rises to 324 meters with a stunning view over Paris. Website: - The Notre Dame Cathedral: one of the most famous religious buildings in the world. The cathedral was built in the twelfth in a beautiful gothic style. Website: - The Champs Elysees: many see them as the "most beautiful avenue in the world." The avenue is dotted with luxury boutiques as Dior, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Valentino Couture, Prada, Guerlain, etc. If you have the means to go shopping, if not content with doing window shopping. - The Grevin Museum: failing to see your idols for real, you can see their wax clones. Indeed, the Grevin Museum is a wax museum, it has more than 300 characters, including Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein, Joan of Arc, Elton John, John Paul II, to name a few. Address: 10 Boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris - Tel: 01 47 70 85 05 - Website: This is only a taste of Paris. The capital is home to more curiosities for you to discover the sandstone desires. • Berlin (Germany): If you are the party animal type, Berlin should please you. Indeed, the German capital is the most vibrant city in all of Europe. It comes from everywhere to enjoy its nightlife. If this is the party girl ambience that takes you to Berlin, go to Mitte or Fried

richshain, they abound both pubs, bars and very trendy nightclubs. And if you're still hungry mood and festivities, continue your evening at Prenzlauer Berg or Kreuzberg district. Do not limit your stay in Berlin, bars, clubs and nightclubs, consider making a little room for culture. To do this you can go: - At the East Side Gallery: This is a small piece of the Berlin Wall which measures 1 km. This fragment of the "Wall of Shame" is decorated with paintings, which give a little gaiety to the wall that divided the country for a long time. - Reichstag The palace is a building dating from 1884, he served as the seat of parliament the first time the German Empire. Palace Reichstag is the most visited monument in the city. Go ahead early enough to forestall the crowd or late evening (the palace remains open until midnight in the summer. Last entry at 22h). Address: Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin - Tel: +49 (0) 30 227-32152 - Website: • Amsterdam (Netherlands): Channels, red light district, erotic museums, coffee shop, this is what we think when we think Amsterdam. Moreover it is mainly those sights that attract tourists. Let us look more closely at these sights that are the hallmark of Amsterdam: - Coffee shops: These are coffees that sell legally small amounts of cannabis. - The red light district: be it for fun or out of curiosity do not miss to visit the red light district. It is found throughout the neighborhood showcases which exhibits the shopping fun. - Museum of Sex: output for a little naughty couple, solo or with friends we recommend the sex museum. It contains extensive collections of paintings, objects, films and erotic pictures. Address: Damark, 18 - Website: - The Museum of Eroticism This museum is located in the heart of the red light district. It is spread over 5 floors all dedicated to eroticism. Address: OZ. Achterburgwal 54. - The Van Gogh Museum: This museum houses the works of Van Gogh. There are a total of 200 paintings and 550 sketches. There are also over 700 handwritten letters. Address: Paulus Potterstraat July 1071 CX Amsterdam - Tel: +31 (0) 20 570 5200 - Website:

The best destinations in southern Europe

The southern European countries is found in the Mediterranean peninsulas, namely the Iberian Peninsula, the Italian geographical region and the Balkan Peninsula. Among the most interesting places to visit in Southern Europe, we retain: • Crete (Greece): Crete is ideal for a beach holiday. Its average temperature is around 30 degrees and the island hardly knows precipitation. If you plan to go there mainly for its beaches, go to the south of the island, this is where we find the most beautiful lagoons. And if we should recommend only one destination that will unhesitatingly Chania (Chania). With its beautiful beaches, its cultural and historical heritage and vibrant nightlife, Chania attracts many tourists each year, it is also the most tourist town of Crete. A must see: the Saint Nicolas Cathedral and Mosque of the Janissaries. • Venice (Italy): Venice could not not do from the list of the best southern European destinations. The "City of the Doges' has also just ahead of the podium of the most beautiful cities in the world. Among the sights in Venice that are worth discovering you: - St. Mark's Square: This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Napoleon nicknamed "most elegant lounge in Europe". The square is surrounded by arches and spans of monuments, including the famous St. Mark's Basilica, the bell tower of San Marco and the Doge's Palace. - Caffé Florian is the most famous and oldest cafe in Venice. Its opening date of 1720. Do not forget to visit its interior, divided into six rooms: the Hall of Great Men, the seasons room, the chamber, the Liberty Room, East Room and the Chinese room. Website: - The Island of Burano this small Venetian island is famous for its lace. - The island of Murano is the island of glass blowing. There are many glass smelters virtually all open to the public. Go the show is great. - The Island of San Michele: is an island cemetery. It contains the tombs of Joseph Brodsky, Serge Diaghilev or Ezra Pound. It is all very describe Venice and list all the attractions, nothing beats a visit to discover the beauty of this unique city. If you have a choice, go to Venice in Carnival time, the atmosphere is simply unique. The carnival is held each year 12 days before Mardi Gras.

The best beach destinations in Europe

To enjoy the beautiful beaches, no need to leave at the end of the world, you only have to know the best beach destinations in Europe, thus saving time and money. Discover therefore this list of the best beach destinations in Europe: • Dubrovnik (Croatia): Dubrovnik is currently one of the resorts most fashionable in Europe. The city is world famous for its beautiful beaches, including: - La Cava range: a range of sand and pebbles. It has a nudist area. - Copacabana Beach: This beach is located on the peninsula of Lapad. Here we swim in having to Daksa island landscape background. - Banje Beach: the pebble beach is located close to the old town, it is one of the busiest station. - The Buza Beach: This beach is located beneath the walls is one of the favorite beaches of Ragusan (the people of Dubrovnik). The beach Buza is also a mecca for nightlife. - The St. Jakov beach: pebble beach located not far from the old town. She is also busy. • The island of Madeira (Portugal): The island of Madeira is the ultimate resort destination in Portugal. There are beaches as the eye: white sand beaches, black sand and pebbles. With a water temperature of 22 ° / 24 ° in summer and 19 ° / 18 ° it practically possible to swim throughout the year. Among the most beautiful beaches on the island we retain: - Prainha Beach: a black sand beach that stretches over 200 meters long. This beach is near the village Caniçal. - The beach of Machico: it is an artificial beach of over 100 meters. Its waters are very quiet, so it is suitable for families with small children. - The beach of Porto Santo Island (located 50 km from Madeira): a very long beach that spans no less than 8 km. - The beach Reis Magos: a beautiful gray volcanic sand beach located in Canico de Baixo. • Belek (Turkey): Belek is located on the Turkish Riviera at 35 km east of Antalya. She is currently the most sought resort town in Turkey. It is especially popular with golfers. Belek The beach stretches for kilometers and kilometers. The whole beach promenade is dotted with hotels, there are more than 55 hotel establishments. If you plan to visit in Belek in high season, it is imperative to book in advance, the destination was stormed at this time of the year.

The best winter sport destinations in Europe

Europe is known worldwide for its winter sports resorts. If you want to enjoy a skiing holiday without too much you away, this is the best European destinations: • Chamonix (France): Chamonix is ​​located at the foot of Mont Blanc, it is one of the most prestigious resorts in Europe. The Chamonix resort culminates at 3842 meters (Aiguille du Midi) and has 108 km of slopes offering very strong gliding sensations. Opening of the resort from December to April. • Saalbach-Hinterglemm (Austria): The Saalbach-Hinterglemm resort is in the Piznau region. The resort rises from 900 to 2100 meters, the highest point is Schattberg West. Saalbach-Hinterglemm is spread over 200 km of slopes and has 60 ski lifts. It is open from December to April. • Sierra Nevada (Spain): This ski area is located in the national park of the same name. This is the highest resort in Spain, or from 2100 to 3300 meters. The highest point is Mulhacén. The main attraction of the ski area Sierra Nevada is its sunshine throughout the year, this is also what attracts most tourists. The resort is open from December to April. • Winter Park Tryvann (Norway): This ski resort is located 20 minutes from Oslo. It has 18 slopes and 11 lifts. A specially equipped park for snowboarders. It has halfpipe and jumps. The Tryvann Winter Park resort is open from December to April.

The best ecotourism destinations in Europe

If you for good holidays rhyme with nature, greenery and open space, here are some destinations that are made for you: • Clonakilty District (Ireland): Clonakilty District is located in the southwest of Ireland, along the coast. This part of Ireland is highly sought because of its many green spaces. Between nature walks, go to the discovery of its cultural and artistic heritage. Be sure not to taste local products. • Sveti Martin na Muri (Croatia): Sveti Martin na Muri is in the north of Croatia, Hungarian and Slovak border. It has a mineral spring water and is known for its many spas. Enjoy your city in transition to offer a wellness spa. • Pielachtal (Austria): This is a valley located in the province of Lower Austria. It is a very quiet destination, ideal for time away from a stay from the hubbub of the city.

The most unusual destinations in Europe

Want staggered holiday this year? You do not need to go to the other end of the earth, this is possible in Europe, it is enough to know good tips, such as: • Grutas Park (Druskininkai, Lithuania): This is an open air museum in the heart of Dzikija National Park 130 km from Vilnius. This museum-park houses a rich collection of statues, a watchtower and various objects dating from the Soviet era. While large roam the museum park to discover its collections, children can have fun at the mini zoo or the playground specially designed for them. Website: • The Kostnice ossuary (Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic): An exit idea a little creepy, but that may be to the taste of some. There is a chapel decorated with human bones. If you are accompanied by your children, go your way. The first decorations were made in the seventeenth. The famous sculptor František Rint put his personal touch in 1870 and has made the chapel a real masterpiece. If you are passing through the city take a look, it really is worth. Website: • The Frognerparken (Oslo - Norway): This is a great park that includes 192 sculptures and 600 figurines. The works are enormous you feel so small before. The sculptures were all painted by Gustav Vigeland alone, a long and painstaking work that truly deserves discovery.

The best honeymoon destinations in Europe

Europe is home to many very romantic destinations, suitable for a first trip to both. Among these destinations are retained: • Prague: The Czech capital is a very romantic destination, ideal for a honeymoon. Exit at dusk for a walk in the city center and you will feel the cozy atmosphere which makes the fame of Prague. At sunset, go to Hradcany, the view is breathtaking. The view is beautiful from the Petrin Hill. In the evening, take a stroll in the Old Town of Prague, romance is at its height. • Venice: The city of Venice is the top destination for honeymoons in Europe. People come from all over to celebrate life together. If you choose will cover Venice, do not miss to take a gondola ride. At night try in its narrow streets, hand in hand and be carried away by the charm of this romantic city. • Paris: Many grooms choose Paris for their honeymoon, and they are right. What more beautiful thing than a stroll along the Seine hand in hand in the evening. What is more romantic than a stroll on the Pont des Arts and seal a lock for eternal love or a more romantic getaway in the "Montmartre Aznavour."

The best city break destinations in Europe

If you do not have time to go on vacation far away and long ago, a city break in Europe is an excellent alternative to get out a little routine. Many European destinations are suitable for a city break, we retain: • Brussels : The Belgian capital is one of the closest destinations and interesting for a short stay. By train you'll get only 1:22 from Paris. During the day you can go for a stroll on the Grand Place, discover the Manneken Pis, you go to the European Parliament and refuel architectural discoveries in the Ixelles neighborhood or the Saint-Gilles neighborhood. At nightfall, we head to the Exchange District, the busiest area of ​​the capital. There you find restaurants, bars and nightclubs very trendy. • Berlin: Berlin is a great destination for a stay in a hurry. If you plan to get there prefer a city break over the weekend, the mood is set fair. If you want to enjoy Berlin's pulsating atmosphere appointment the following districts: Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer. In Berlin pubs and bars stay open until 2am and clubs until 5am. Just have the breath. Bon Voyage, have a nice trip, gute reise, Buon Viaggio, buen viaje that tengas ...