The best nightclubs in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The best night clubs of Los Angeles
It is certain that most tourists do not go to Los Angeles to discover the heritage: for lovers of clubs and lively nightlife is a whole other story ...

Los Angeles is one of those cities in the glamorous reputation (have you ever heard of Hollywood?) Where people like to go out late and dance to the hottest rhythms of time in clubs selects or overheated. One thing is certain: we will broadly enough to fill his nights during a stay in Los Angeles because nightclubs are commonplace !

Among this plethora of clubs some addresses are characterized as being the most in the loop (this usually lasts only time!), But here are some examples of bulk famous clubs in Los Angeles:

  • The Parlor Room of Hollywood
  • The 740 Club
  • Das Bunker
  • The Griffin
  • Lucha Vavoom
  • Elevate Lounge
  • The Mayan
  • The Circus Disco
  • Boulevard 3
  • Akbar
  • Bootie LA
  • Circus Disco
  • King King.