The best addresses for all fresh autumn monotonous in Paris


That's it, summer is well and truly over. Place in September! No time to get depressed, a host of new addresses to discover to hunt spleen vacation and take full advantage of the charms of a capital city that never stops to amaze. Review of new spots not to be missed.

What's new restos test

From fast food to gourmet, culinary comeback is hectic!

The Shed Bistro

Two Japanese young people trained in the care of Joel Robuchon, had the good idea to import Tokyo a Japanese traditional dish to revisit it in a convenient and delicious lunch: Tonkatsu the shelter has become a bistro sandwich floors ! Tasty, original, colorful and exotic, all prepared before your very eyes to see the floors (cheese, pork, omelet, bread cabbage & hellip;) pile before being tasted
Come early, only on Mondays. and Saturdays for sandwiches, the rest of the week is a surprise menu.


Shed Bistro 92, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris
Open Monday to Saturday 13 €
formula sandwich + drink on Mondays and Saturdays.
Other days tasting menu: 22 €
Tel: 01 83 97 00 00

Chipotle Mexican Grill

The full US to Tex-Mex sauce? Rush on the first Chipotle Mexican Grill Paris, opened recently. The American fast food chain serving Tex-Mex pure sugar arrives in the capital. On the menu: tacos and burritos, all prepared in front of you with products made in France, certified quality (red label and AOC galore)! What is the menu? Steak marinated Charolais, braised beef, grilled pork, accompanied by small vegetables that go for a sandwich to compose himself, rice, black beans, cream, grated cheese chili or guacamole, there's something for everyone, equipped with have an appetite cowboy!


Chipotle Mexican Grill 20, boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris
Metro: Richelieu-Drouot / Le Peletier / Grands Boulevards
< a href = ""> Open everyday 11h 22h
9 € burrito

Clasico Argentino

In the heart of the Marais, the Clasico Argentino specialized in the Argentine stuffed sock, ideal for a trendy and casual drink. Ham, beef, chicken, tuna, but, sausage, spinach, onions, there's something for everyone. In the wake of the many fast food Parisian monoproducts that are popping up everywhere, the Classico pulls out of the game by its taste to fall. A small candy for dessert? Try without hesitation sundaes raw, special mention to Dulce Leche flavors (milk jam) and sabayon. Olé!


Clasico Argentino 56, rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris
Metro: Filles du Calvaire / Oberkampf / Saint-Sébastien-Froissart

The Diana

The regime before the summer gives way to depression of the season. To sweeten the pill, why not be a star! At Fouquet's Barrière, luxury hotel in the Champs-Elysees, Diane opens every budget almost on Tuesday evening. Armed with his new Michelin star, this restaurant offers, in a refined, French cuisine with American ways to tighten the budget: it is you who provide your own bottle of wine .

Diane Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière
46 avenue George V 75008 Paris
Metro: Saint-Philippe du Roule / FDR / Miromesnil < br />
0 1 40 69 60 00
menu Tuesday night 78 €

My Cocotte

Philippe Starck, what is it my Cocotte? Ma Cocotte is like a giant bowl of 1,000 m3 which come to drink mulled wine, hot chocolate, where the architecture and decor are not important, but it is the space we dream when we do fleas. . Well, explained by the famous designer is at once clearer and we want to find this original place asap! The 250 seats of my casserole so designed by the hilarious Starck in an industrial loft-style welcome us to pause snacks or tapas during our stroll in the Clignancourt flea. The kind of place to relax lacked the neighborhood, for sure.


My Cocotte Serpette Market
116 rue des Rosiers 93400 Saint Ouen
Metro: Porte de Clignancourt
Open every day until 23h reception

Peter Blood in Oberkampf

But I recognize you? Of course, fans of the reality cooking recognized the friendly finalist of the 2011 edition of Top Chef, Pierre Sang Boyer. Hard to miss, through the glass façade of the new property in the heart of trendy. In the center of the debate, Peter Blood officiates under the eyes of its customers, seated before a large counter overlooking the work plan of the Chief. Location voluntarily and resolutely open, sharing and meeti

ng the restaurant is versatile and privatized for all kinds of events, cooking classes, VIP dinners etc. And with a little luck, one can cross Chef Christian Constant, places boss mentor.

Peter Blood in Oberkampf
55 rue Oberkampf 75011 Paris
Metro: Parmentier / Oberkampf / Saint-Ambroise
08 99 18 35 76
Closed Saturday / Sunday lunch / Monday
Sunday night buffet 45 € with drink

Nanashi Tournon

Japanese Eating in Paris, it's a time that we know. too limited. But eating Japanese, organic, healthy, balanced, original and fresh, then yes, gladly. To the cut is full we add a frame at the top and a terrace garden, to enjoy the sun or the Bento salmon Chirachi washed down with a banana milkshake at the milk plant before ending with a small panacotta with sesame. And where it is this tantalizing new address Japanese? In the basement of a baby concept store! Amazing, is not it?

Nanashi, at Bonpoint
6 rue Tournon 75006 Paris
Metro: Mabillon / Odeon / Saint-Germain-des-Prés
01 43 26 14 06
Tuesday to Saturday from 10h to 19h
About 25 € to map

The Stube Verdeau

Stube is good, two Stube is better! The Parisian flagship of German gastronomy indeed opens a second after the establishment of the Richelieu street in Verdeau pass in the ninth district. Lovers Currywurst of Strudel, of Sauerkraut, passing with Beck's pressure, you are at home here! Sylvie and Gerhard Weber welcome you in this place dedicated to cultural exchange and especially taste and offer many pastries from across the Rhine, such as K & auml; sekuchen, Schwarzw & auml; lderkirschtorte or Sachertorte. Here is the Imbiss Culture (on the go) Berlin is queen. Wilkommen!


Passage Stube Verdeau 75009 Paris
Metro: Richelieu-Drouot / Le Peletier / Cadet

Shopping All new for fall fashion

Concept Stores, shifted boutiques and refined selections, overview of stores that come to flourish in Paris.

The French Company of the Orient and China

In the rediscovery of exotic concept store. The French Company of the Orient and China (CFOC) reopens on Boulevard Hausmann in this fall 2012. conducted work of master hand by interior designers François Schmidt and Sarah Schultz to create a concept store all new shiny dedicated to Asian art of living on two levels, ground floor and basement in a bright atmosphere, open and Zen. kneaded objects of history, ancient and modern crafts, young designers asked to absorb a rich culture in all its forms: lighting, furniture, tableware, jewelry, decor, all resolutely arty-orientalo ! Or the art of reconciling the ancestral know-how and an arch-contemporary place. As a bonus, the restaurant and its terrace Yoko welcome us to pause papilla during our asian-shopping.

French Company of the Orient and China
170 boulevard Haussmann 75008 Paris
Metro: Saint-Philippe du Roule / Courcelles / George V 01 53 53 40 80


I like being disgusted, perfume shock must be troubling. Signed Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, for our friends Nose! A whole program, and yet & hellip; It rears its nose at Nose, innovative, captivating space, delirious, passion fruit seven enthusiasts confidential perfumes and rare scents, opening a new space, vast, welcoming a brand that does fifties found elsewhere. For the pleasure of being surprised by the crazy fragrances as perfumes, of course, but also for men care detergents, candles or cosmetics foufou & hellip; What Happens in the lab when it is not an engineer nostrils? Thanks to the iPad in this shop, which traces you an olfactory profile with the software house. Class, original and intelligent, welcome Nose!


Nose 20 Bachaumont Street 75002 Paris
Metro: Sentier / Exchange / Etienne Marcel


Brilliant pubs, a cannon site, and now a shop at the top? We expected no less from the most fun concept in recent months, yet always revisit and traditional media to the buzz from a new idea at all a stupid dating site the Internet. Well yes, but if it's not in the old pots (not the old skins huh, watch out!) That makes perfect, then we sell the best soups in well prettiest pots! Recipe of the day? An ephemeral boutique shopping that love arises for 10 days before Châtelet from roaming (Belgium, Switzerland, provincial cities & hellip;) and then return to Panama. The website becomes shop and women come to shop, choosing from the ground floor beams a beard, a red, chic or a large brown depending on their preference, putting them in their bag before meeting in real life real purchase in the lounge of the first floor. We adopt? We adopt!


Man Adopts 15, rue des Halles, 75001 Paris
Metro: Châtelet / Les Halles / Louvre-Rivoli

Arty Dandy

Second name, the new shop Arty Dandy moved to central Paris in the walls of the Carrousel du Louvre. Subtitled election singular object, concept store designed by Axel Dyer creator prides reinventing gift. Here, no pockets or small surprise-gift funny to less-than-five-euros, but the hype brand, fashion, decoration, dingoes objects. Umbrellas Jean-Paul Gaultier, wooden glasses, bow-pap, watches MARCH LA.B, plastic cowboy boots, all tastes are in nature. The joy of giving, you are told!


Arty Dandy 99 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris
Metro: Louvre-Rivoli / Les Halles / New Bridge
< a href = ""> Open daily from 10am to 20pm

Bars and clubs which Bougent: what's out in September

This is not because q'il cold that the atmosphere is not hot!

The Rosie

The trendy that even walking in Paris? Yep, it works again and again! And we will not go without novelty, especially when it is signed Nicolas Ullmann figure of the night and karaoke. Rosie, it is not just a trendy bar, it is also a place to meet and discover art and artists, it's like home, it's an appointment at friends it is a place where we snacked and where they drink a glass without breaking the bank. Rosie is good, Rosie is hype, Rosie is Château-Rouge, Rosie we go!


3 Rosie Muller 75018 Paris Street
Metro: Chateau Rouge / Barbès Rochechouart / Antwerp
Tuesday to Sunday 18h 2h

The Last Bar Before the End of the World

A name concept. A cannon name. A prophetic name. And a place that holds all the promise of its name! The Last Bar before the end of the world already, it's a bar, cocktails and shots with names shifted everything right (a little ninja turtle?), The detonating flavors in the amazing and inventive framework. But it is mainly a place geek, for geeks and geeks: science fiction, manga, people who cry wazaaaa, of board games and winks of all kinds and in all corners. The last bar before the end of the world is also the world, many people, it's warm, it's a service to the hair, it is a terrace is at Châtelet is very well more than that. And that's good.

The Last Bar before the end of the world
19 avenue Victoria 75001 Paris
Metro: Chatelet / Cité
Open until the end of the world

The Calbar

When two friends from among hotels and restaurants meet for a drink, what do they do? They reflect. They reflect powerfully and suddenly comes to them an idea. No, better: a concept! By compacting 2 words at first glance nothing destined to be together and was born on Calbar. Leggings and a bar. But beware, here stops the merry as if the bartenders are actually well slibard, decor, atmosphere and cocktails are all refined and cozy luxury of upscale hotels. The creators, two real industry professionals, practicing mixology with dexterity and offer many cocktails, including creations on demand. A chic address and shock that offers everything a luxury hotel ... except the pants! The ideal wink to feel at ease.


Calbar 82 rue de Charenton 75012 Paris
Subway: Ledru Rollin / / Lyon Station / / Faidherbe Chaligny
Monday to Friday from 12am to 1:30
Saturday 17h at 1:30