The best places to host unforgettable holidays in Lyon.


Lyon is a small town full of charm and warm but it is also a city full of students who are eager to party and have turned this city into a temple of the night. Whether the edge of the docks of thirst in the Brotteaux district, the slopes of the Croix-Rousse or the Guillotière: you will always find a place to host an unforgettable evening .

1. La Marquise

The bar / club Marquise welcomes guests electro influences rather on a barge: privileged place. The music is particularly good, friendly staff and relaxed clientele.

2. The Star Ferry

You will not find two places like this. Indeed, there is a beer garden. Come and enjoy beer tasting delicious burgers. This place just opened summer is friendly and festive and is conducive to the meeting, sharing and festive discussion.

3. The First

This is a nightclub popular with youth Lyonnaise and for good reason! over the age of thirty, this Nightclub offering customers extensive airy and pleasant spaces while spreading the greatest hits. The rather jet set atmosphere for unforgettable holiday parties.

4. Terminal club

This nightclub has become the temple of the Lyon festival in very little time. With live electronic music and mainly high quality and having no equal for welcome guests like royalty: we highly recommend this nightclub to party there until the end of the night

5. Tripe

This is a hidden places and yet so precious in the city of Lyon. Indeed, this place has a concert hall and a bar and you can listen to alternative music making this place the most underground party place Lyon.

6. Blame the Bears

One of the oldest bars in Lyon. It does not look but the atmosphere is incomparable. Indeed, given by an atypical boss, it seems to be a place where everything is possible, everything is possible ...

7. The Station Live

This atypical bar hosts a casual and unpretentious clientele, only present to share some real time with others. Electro music, ping-pong tables and cheese dishes you can taste there make this bar, "the place to be."

8. Sugar

A privileged location in the heart of Lyon since this bar is located in a former warehouse. When you enter this rooftop, you will love the electro programming quality.

well and also like the Stuffed Parrot