The best places to party in Toulouse.


The Pink city is one of the student capitals of France. The students enliven the city and there are party late thanks to the many bars, wineries, clubs, concert halls present in Toulouse. We've put together a list of choices of the best places where you go to party.

1. The factory

This bar offers the opportunity for everyone to express since the tenant places organizes numerous artistic and musical events by allowing everyone to express themselves on the decks or exhibit some works. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and particularly the party is assured.

2. The Countess

Here mingle young professionals, hipsters, students and a pleasant and warm hubbub mixes with quality music. The customer appreciates appetizers and tapas plates and the friendly hospitality. Here, everything is allowed and everything seems possible.

3. The Basque bar.

This bar is a little treasure and is open for frenzied celebrations in its flowery courtyard. This weekend, customers of this bar enjoying concerts and DJ sets very high quality. Atmosphere of 3rd halftime guaranteed!

4. The Planet Rock

This nightclub welcomes guests who wish to listen quality rock music. One thing is certain: If you want to party safe: go to this nightclub where the clientele is varied and relaxed .

5. The Connection Live

This concert hall is located in a former garage. Programming is exceptional and varied as the clients can listen to blues, rock, electro ... This concert hall / bar very underground opens its doors for free and offers unforgettable holiday parties.

6. The Cosmopolitan

This bar is the obvious place popular with young Toulouse thirties who want to enjoy a friendly and festive after. The decoration of this bar is especially tailored and cozy and chic atmosphere. Nothing better to start a party worthy of the name!

7. The color of the pants

If you live in Toulouse or just go there, you can not go next to this place without stopping it. The mojitos are marching to the beat of house mix / electro that bring warmth and festivity to this bar always worship popular with student. Do not miss this place for any reason.