Must markets in Barcelona


Among the major habits of people of Barcelona is to have a drink while their market. They meet people and like to spend quality time. During your stay in Barcelona, ​​nothing like living the Barcelona habits, why we chose to make a selection of the most interesting markets in the city. It will talk about Mercat which means "market" in Catalan and you can live moments lively and meet wonderful people. In Barcelona, ​​food markets are distinguished, flea markets, but also other types of markets such as the antique market or clothing, it is actually a way to Barcelona than strolling in the markets of the city .

you should know that Barcelona, ​​life comes alive quite late do not go to the market before 10 am, by cons you will be quite possible for the visit to 20h.

We recommend that you discover the Mercat Santa Caterina, located at 16 Francesc Cambó. Unlike other markets, it is open from 8:00. The Sainte Catherine market is new, since it was renovated in 2005 by architects Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue. In reality, it is the latest market built in Barcelona.

The Boqueria Market, meanwhile, is closed on Sundays but worth a walk too. He is 85 of Rambla to 89.

If you love nature and are passionate about flowers, you will find your account at Mercat de la Concepcio is at 311 Carrer d'Arago . The advantage of this market is that it is open 24 hours / 24.

Amateurs chips and stroll all kinds, the Mercat Del Encants is for you. Located at 186 C. Dos de Maig, it is considered the largest and most famous flea markets of Barcelona.

Finally, the Mercat del Ninot at 135 Mallorca, is surely the most beautiful and most interesting. And because it is not on the tourist circuits which guarantee him a little bit of mystery. It is not far from Plaza Catalunya. It's very nice to have a drink in one of the cafes that surround it.