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Les Maldives

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Identity Card:
  • Capital Male

  • People 328 536 inhabitants (2012) .

  • Constitution Republic

  • Language Dhivehi

  • Religion Islam

    Entry requirements:
    • Visa : You will receive a tourist visa valid for 30 days for free arrival at the international airport of Maldives. This one may be extended to 90 days.

      Note: you need a reservation in a hotel .

    • Passport : A valid passport is of course essential .

      • Currency Rufiyaa (MVR)

      • Currency rates € 1 = 19.20 Mrf

      • Change : Most major hotels accept euro and dollar and international credit cards .

      • Budget stay 1 week : 1000 euros per week all inclusive in a cheap resort. Some hotels islands offer luxurious accommodations to 1000 euros per night.

        • Restaurants
          Cheap : less than 15 € / person
          Average : 15-25 € / person
          Premium . more than 35 € / person.

          • accommodation
            Cheap : less than 70 € / night
            Average : 100 € / night
            Premium : more than 300 € / night < / p>


            How to get there?

            • Air: Practically all visitors arrive at Malé International Airport on Hulhule Island. The airport is served by flights from India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, the major Southeast Asian airports, as well as from Europe. British Airways operates direct flight from London Gatwick three times a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday).

              On site:

              • boat There are all kinds of boats, the fisherman's boat in the luxury ferry serving major hotels .

              • plane : A quick way to move between different parts of the archipelago, there are three major companies: Island Aviation, Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways

                • Vaccinations No mandatory vaccine or advisable .

                • Tips avoid drinking tap water .

                  • Delinquency: No problem on that side, especially that a priori you will not leave your resort. A Male is all the same necessary to pay attention and avoid night traveling on foot.

                    • Weather hot and wet tropical climate

                    • Average temperatures 33 & deg; C in summer and 26 & deg; C in winter .

                    • Best time to reach : In the Maldives, there is sun all year round, however, precipitation increases during the monsoon season from June to August As for diving, the best time to practice is from January to April, when the sea is calm, the sun shines and the visibility can reach up to 30 m.

                      Daily life:
                      • Time difference UTC +5

                      • Electrical Outlets : 220V / 50Hz (European and British outlets) .

                      • Calling code 960

                      • internet, wifi All the hotels have wifi internet access or Ethernet .

                      • Features : Westerners are welcome in the Maldives to spend their money in luxury hotels located on secure Islands. By cons they are not really encouraged to go out of their golden bubbles to mingle with the locals. Recall that the legislation in the Maldives is based on Sharia law and any other belief than Islam is prohibited Maldivian citizens.