The Caves of La Balme: Dare inner adventure ....


The Caves of La Balme is located at the tip of North Isère, in the municipality of La Balme-les-Grottes.
Pageviews since 1807 they are one of the most natural areas remarkable in France. You can admire many treasures of our underground world: small basins (or Gours), draperies, stalactites and stalagmites ... You can also sneak into the meanders of two natural labyrinths (very popular in children) and behold waters underground lake whose source has not yet been discovered & hellip;
Caves of La Balme are also known for the presence of bats. 20 species staying temporarily or permanently for over 25 years. The site is well known as the one that lists the largest number of bat species in the Rhône-Alpes.
Suspense, mystery and thrills await you so in this free tour of about 1:15 for all the family ! Guided tours are always possible under certain conditions
Caves La Balme, it is in Isère, just 40 minutes from Lyon
(A42 towards Geneva, exit N & deg;.! 7 Perouges-Meximieux-Lagnieu , then direction Lagnieu)