Art galleries in Barcelona


Among the museums of Barcelona and its beautiful places in the city center are dotted with art galleries, exhibiting different forms of Spanish and European art. A visit to Barcelona necessarily imply a visit to art galleries. This city, which by its artists, exposes to the world the Spanish and European creativity in all its forms

Juan Miro Foundation. Even a gallery dedicated to a famous Spanish artist Juan Miro. It contains a multitude of works of this artist some date back to the year 1914. Visit this gallery and enjoy to see all the artistic aspects of Juan Miro, from painting to some sketches of his youth through his sculptures original. You will also find presentations of masterpieces of Spanish artists known.

Galeria Estrany. De La Mota located in a cavernous basement, it is considered an art center in this city. This gallery makes exhibitions in photographic or filmographic majority. A fabulous artistic area that is worth seeing

Galeria H2O: founded in 1989 by the architect Joaquin Ruiz and the writer Ana Planella, this gallery presents a collection of design and photography, as well as book presentations . Love of reading and pictures, this gallery will make you happy widely

Galeria Nogueras Blanchard. It is in this gallery several artists such as Ignacio Uriarte or Marine Hugonnier were discovered thanks to the talent of selection of Alex Nogueras Blanchard Rebecca and the two founders of this gallery. Several other talents exposed in this gallery in order to discover their art to the public

Iguapop gallery. This gallery is a space of 200 m² open to all proposals of exposure. The artists of different specialties parade this gallery to come forward, or simply show their works to the public. An experience for the curious novelty

Kowasa gallery. This gallery, located above a bookstore, offers collections of both historical and contemporary photographs. Artists from different specialties are in this gallery some of them are contemporary Catalan as Toni Catany.

Among the art galleries and museums, Barcelona has to offer its visitors to satisfy their different desires ...