The inratables events of January in Lyon

Lyon, capitale des Gaules

The city of Lyon continues to dream its inhabitants and tourists with its unique programming of January that will satisfy young and old. These events still punctuate the dynamic life of Lyon and we provide you with a comprehensive list.

1. Around the world in 80 days

This comedy belongs undoubtedly the favorites of this year and the new year. This road movie completely crazy 1872 puts West the biggest loser scene and an Indian princess. Awarded by Charles Oulmont Award in 2006, nominated Raimu price of Comedy to the stage in 2006, Audience Award at the Festival of Anjou in 2007. This comedy plays extra for this eighth season where spectators are expected in number. Meet at the Theater de l'Odeon from January 5 to May 19

2. LHC Lyons Gap

On January 6 will meet at 102 Cours Charlemagne, the famous Lyon team: lions with the Gap team during a hockey game Ice boosted. A meeting not to be missed. Come and support the team in Lyon.

3. Disney On Ice. The magical worlds.

6, 8, 9 and 10 January: a few Disney heroes gather for a great show on ice. Young and old will gather to watch the show and enchanted fairytale starring Ariel the Little Mermaid, the team of Cars, your favorite toys out of the movie Toy Story and your hero in the Snow Queen. You'll love this show, do not miss it!

4. playground Festival.

A new edition of Playground festival will begin in January. Festival during which you go to meet contemporary music and dance. Bold scores will be played and will highlight choreographers and musicians of exceptions for the pleasure of your eyes and your ears. Do not miss the start of the show since a short concert will be given by students CNSMD.

5. The Odyssey, women singing.

From January 14 to 25, come and let you pick the poetry of Homer, include the Odyssey and the delights of the various women who paced the Odyssey: The voice of Circe The Sirens, Nausicaa .. .. They will help Odysseus return to Ithaca after the Trojan war ended. A show full of magic, poignant, poetic, strong ... that will leave you speechless.