The events not to be missed in Marseille during the month of December

Port près de Marseille

The city of Marseille regular events and this is partly what makes this city a city that one takes an example as to its vitality and energy. We have listed some events planned in the month of December and organized by the city of Marseille, which will seduce you for sure.

1. The Happy Christmas Market

There was no question that the city of Marseille misses the magic of Christmas. The city of Marseille to invite many fashion designers, jewelry, fashion accessories, design objects, designer ... to help you find bright ideas for your Christmas shopping. This exhibition will be held at Milk Showroom and will restore, if necessary, the Christmas fairy in some households and some heart. Not to be missed. On Saturday December 12 at 10:00.

2. DJ FORMAT the Julian Cafe.

Julien welcome coffee Saturday, December 12 at 20:00 in the space Julien DJ FORMAT to offer you a festive evening. This DJ has produced his first album in 2003 and has achieved a worldwide reputation for hitting and catchy titles with inspirations drawn from Hip-Hop and Funk. Discover and / or you déhanchez coffee Julien to this artist who will not disappoint you and will make you a wonderful evening.

3. Krump'n'Break Release.

You do not know the Krump? So it is time to change this situation and to cheer on the artists who will present a peerless performance Krump Tuesday, December 15 at 19h at the theater Joliette Milling. This dance inspired hip-hop was born in the current Los Angeles ghettos in 1990 and was invented to deal with violence, suffering. It is practiced in the form of battles and advocates non-violence. The particularly expressive gestures of this dance will move you and impress you.


This is an exceptional event since this exhibition brings together no fewer than 20 artists, 60 works and around two themes in two galleries. These artists inspired by the art of the street and you will find exceptional paintings bomb, brush, stencil ... and at very different prices. You will find here, no doubt, an exceptional gift to put under the tree.