Children are also entitled to holiday alone!

You think your child is in age from one and that it has sufficient maturity to separate from you, so do not hesitate, the colossal, teenagers and other language courses camps help your children grow and usually they love, even if the time of separation can sometimes be difficult.

Typically 6 or 7 years old is a good age to start sending children to summer camp. These centers are under the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the voluntary and regulated by specific legislation. The activities are many and varied, depending on the location of the structure and course of the animation team project. We can distinguish several types of stays: Fixed stay in cultural theme, scientific or artistic, fixed living multi-activity or even itinerant stay

When children are a little more elderly you can also consider a stay. linguistic.

This one is composed mostly of language courses, accommodation, and a recreation program and excursions. These language courses can be conducted in several settings: school environment, school exchanges and corresponding stays privately ...

Many specialized agencies offer language courses for children, such as Action Schools, specialist language schools and sports camps. The stays Shares of originality is to combine sport and learning a language, everything is included in the price and supported by Action stay: transport, accommodation, food.

The stays can be short or long, they take place across Europe in facilities with an infrastructure for the teaching and practice of one or several sports. Supervision of children is provided by a qualified team trained in modern teaching methods.

We should also mention the EF language travel providers, and stay For rates, request a quote directly on the website of the providers.