The coolest places in London


When visiting London, you can not help but go to the residence of the British monarchy. Buckingham Palace is a complex consisting of a set of rooms, private apartments, gardens and memorial of Queen Victoria. Some parts of the palace are open to the public. Notably, the 19 rooms of ceremonies where the visitor can admire a grandiose architectural style and a carefully chosen decor. The event not to miss is the changing of the royal guard, which takes place every day at 11am.

Nature lovers will delight in the 250 hectares of greenery far from Hyde Park. This garden is the ideal place to spend a day or a picnic in the nature and escape the stresses of London life and financial centers. It may run behind the pigeons and watch the squirrels to move between the tree branches. In the middle of Hyde Park lies the Serpentine lake where you can go canoeing or backpacking boat. To the northeast, in the speaker's corner (Oration), we can join the crowd came to listen to a speaker or wait for his turn to speak.

In the Street Great Russell, The British Museum welcomes each day visitors came to the discovery of human history. On a thirteen hectares, this museum houses a collection of 50,000 archaeological and artistic pieces. In no time, you can go around ancient Egypt, the Chinese dynasty and the Greek and Roman empires. The museum is divided into rooms dedicated to different civilizations. Themed rooms exhibit coins and works of art. London account other museums like the Museum of Natural History, science and design.

The English capital is crossed by the River Thames. Several bridges link the two banks of the city. The most famous is the Tower Bridge. This is a huge lift bridge linking Southwark and Tower Hamlets. Further, there is the fortress of the Tower of London, a huge palace that served as a prison for important political and religious dissidents. The Tower of London was also used as currency and hotel arsenal.