Must places to party in Montpellier.

Montpellier, university city par excellence and town in southern France has no equal in knowledge to party. Indeed, there are festive night with its many bars and clubs that organize all craziest evenings as each other.

1. The Rockstore.

Rockstore is a mythical concert hall of Montpellier. All the influential rock scene but also the hip-hop occurred in this room and still occur. After midnight, the concert hall turns into club atmospheres containing two rooms for differences. A spreading electronic music and the other welcoming evenings pop, rock and other theme parties.

2. The distillery

In this bar with musical entertainment oriented rock, you are served glasses of good rums and a large amount of different beers. All in a friendly, warm and festive.

3. Dune Club

This is a box of legendary night. Having been able to adapt to the passage of time, it offers a chic design, sleek and classy. the nightclub contains many bars. A VIP area offers a view of the sea. The music is more oriented house and techno and the relatively class customers.

4. The Yaka

Yaka is a new club that has established itself as a place of reference in the world of the night in Montpellier. This club has an outdoor pool, surrounded by sun loungers and welcomes guests from 13 hours. The music remains focused on electro, house and many DJs in the world famous follow one another.

5. The rust

This music bar ensuring programming of high quality concerts to none to ensure a festive and convivial evening. From soul to gospel, through the ragga and sound system: it has something for everyone and for any type of evening .

6. Le Bec de Jazz

The atmosphere of this bar is intentionally relaxed, always lively music and more so if you enjoy a delicious ti'ponchs propros├ęs to the card.

7. The Parrot Tavern

This bar has a frame and a form very particular since it has the shape of a pirate ship bilge. The cocktails are absolutely divine. Tasting of aged rums are proposed. While in the basement, the party goes on.

8. The Black Sheep

In this context both Gothic and chic and the many candles, customers have the chance to choose a beer from an incredible selection of nearly 200 bottles of beer. While you enjoy your beer, you will have the opportunity to attend a rock concert of the highest quality.

9. The Mojomatic

The special design makes the specificity of this place. Indeed this bar to punk rock and rock references, with a small terrace and comfortable armchairs contains a decoration mainly in black and white with touches of color.