The ten best recipes and pasta dishes

These are certainly Italians know best cook the best pasta recipes. The durum flour gaining perfume with these delicious sauces. The tomato comes for challenger by other ingredients. Explanations.

1 / tagliatelle with salmon

You can use smoked salmon, cooked salmon heat cream, or both. The seasoning will with salt, pepper and ground nutmeg. Fans can add a little lemon juice and dill.

2 / pasta gratin with three cheeses

leftover pasta, you fill a baking dish. Then just cover the piece of three-cheese pasta: gruyere, gorgonzola for the creamy side and goat cheese. You can also put some parmesan redolent of Italy.

3 / spaghetti Bolognese

As long pasta and fine cooking water, you do back ground meat with onions and tomato sauce. When cooked, turn a pepper mill. It is delicious to add Parmesan or grated cheese.

4 / shells eggplant

conchiglie are short-shaped pasta shells. Are eaten with a sauce made with pieces of eggplant income in olive oil. Just add a little Parmesan cheese before serving. is a treat.

5 / sauce cannelloni arabica

The cannelloni pasta are long, wide and hollow that can be stuffed with meat scraps. We will serve with a sauce lightly spiced tomato. This dish is baked, lightly browned with cheese.

6 / lasagne meat

These long leaves long and rectangular pasta can be cooked in layers with the filling of meat and tomato sauce. Between two layers, you add the bechamel. This meat dish can be replaced with sautéed seasonal vegetables in a pan with olive oil.

7 / Macaroni Roquefort

tube-shaped short Pasta can be cooked with a cheese that brings flux. This classic will appeal to all cheese lovers. very creamy dish.

8 / orecchiette mussels

The short pasta shaped ears are eaten with mussels you prepare with herbs, garlic, onion, thyme, parsley or celery. It's fresh and it reminds the holidays by the sea. The farm pasta texture goes well with fondants seafood.

9 / The farfalles zucchini

These short pasta shaped butterflies use with small sticks of zucchini fried quickly in the pan. You can add fresh herbs depending on the season and your tastes. Chopped mint brings this fresh note.

10 / The spaetzle with mushrooms

These Alsatian pasta can be cooked in salted water. Just sauté mushrooms with a little vegetable oil or butter. When cooked, you can add a little cream. It's delicious.