The ten best recipes and cheese dishes

In winter, the French want more feast with hot and hearty meals. Here are ten creative ways to feast by concocting a regional specialty with a delicious cheese. As a gourmet start.

1 / The molten curtainsider

This dish is a favorite of skiers after a good day of skiing. It takes at least 50 g of cheese per person. Three different cheeses: Beaufort, Comté and Emmental. Cheese is melted into a winged pan with white wine and possibly a bit of kirsch and some Maizena.

2 / Raclette

The raclette cheese is cut into thin slices. It melts in individual pans. then deposited melted cheese on potatoes. to enjoy with onions, pickles and good Savoyard charcuterie.

3 / donuts Tomme de Savoie

Tomme de Savoie is sliced ​​as one moves in breadcrumbs. Then simply drop into the hot oil and allow to brown quickly on all sides for a minute or two. Serve with a green salad good season.

4 / Aligot

This is the Auvergne excellence flat. This specialty is based manufactures potato puree, butter, cream, fresh tomme cheese and garlic. This is to mix the ingredients for long tape when they caught him flat with the spatula. This dish is accompanied by sausage and green salad.

5 / truffade

A delicacy prepared based fresh Tomme. This flat Cantal is also achieved with hashbrowns that is mixed with cheese slices. The ideal accompaniment turns out to be a salad, a slice of Auvergne ham or red meat.

6 / hot Munster

With a salad, it's delicious to eat this dish that one manufactures baked by depositing Munster on potatoes. Some onions, parsley, pepper and voila.

7 / Gratin with Champagne chaource

On a potato base was added garlic, fried onion rings and bacon, cream and slices of chaource. Just pepper and bake for half an hour.

8 / endive with gruyere

The North chicory is very good boiled and wrapped in ham and baked in a gratin dish with grated cheese. We do not forget the white sauce that brings this dish all his creamy smoothness.

9 / goat cheese on toast

The goat cheese is cut into pieces. It is placed on the Spades hard bread. A pepper mill tower and herbs, a little olive oil. Then just bake in the oven for ten minutes.

10 / The croque monsieur

So simple, be forgotten! The ham and cheese sandwich is prepared with a large slice of bread Poilane which is covered with ham and grated cheese. It's even better with grated told.