The ten best recipes based on fish

The fish dishes are often very fine and tasty but still need to know what cooked dish. That is why we offer the ten best recipes using fish: cooking urgent !

1. Pie sun tuna

You will find all the midday heat in this delicious pie from the sun with a very tasty stuffing tuna. To prepare the pie, grab just 2 puff pastry. Prepare stuffing tuna with the drained tuna, olive oil, balsamic vinegar but also grated parmesan, egg yolk, curry, the grated coconut and herbs.

2. Tartar of Smoked Fish

This tartare is very easy to cook. You only need to smoked haddock, cheese pot whipped Mrs. garlic chives and lemon zest, baked beetroot and pepper. Drop the ingredients one by one in a jar.

3. Croque-monsieur fish

This recipe can be eaten hot or cold and is very easy to cook because you only have white or wholemeal bread slice, grated cheese, butter, herbs and fish fillets. You only have to follow the recipe for toasted sandwiches replacing meat with fish.

4. Parmentier of fish

To prepare this pie of fish, equip you potatoes, white fish fillets, tomato sauce, onion, garlic, milk, nutmeg, herbs Provence and salt and pepper. Cut potatoes puree, cook the fish in the water and cook the garlic and onions. Add all ingredients in a pan aside mash and fish and mix. Pour into a dish and add a layer of mashed potatoes and fish. And voila!

5. Ointment for grilled fish

Mix 3 sprigs fresh mint, 3 sprigs of basil, 2 garlic grains, olive oil, salt and pepper together. Grill your fish on one side, cover the cooked side of the fish this ointment.

6. Grilled fish with Asian

To make this recipe, you will need to mackerel fillets, pepper and vegetable oil, white wine vinegar, soy sauce, and toasted sesame and rice vinegar oil. Mix all ingredients together and brush several times your fish sauce during cooking.

7. Fish tagine at charmola

Buy a beautiful fish. Peel and cut into thin slices of potatoes and tomatoes. Prepare your dish also helps roasted peppers, chilli worms, parsley, lemon, tomato juice, coriander, garlic, sweet and hot pepper, cumin, lemon juice and olive oil.

8. Short fish broth

Marinate fish in lemon juice, garlic and salt. Put onion, chopped tomatoes, thyme, parsley and crushed garlic in olive oil at the bottom of a pan. Add the fish there. Then cloves, pepper, the wood of India and pepper.

9. Spinach pie and fish

Put the spinach in salted boiling water until they are cooked and then chop. Drain your poached fish and cut into pieces. Add flour, two ladles of fish stock, the nutmeg, milk in a saucepan. Add sour cream, spinach and grated cheese off the heat. Pour the mixture over the pastry and add the fish.

10. Fish soup with vegetables

To prepare your soup, you need 800g of white fish fillet, 2 potatoes, 2 tomatoes, 4 carrots, 1 onion, peeled shrimp, grated cheese, toast, chopped parsley and 1 bag fish soup. Serve your fish soup with toast. Enjoy!