Advice for visiting Verona. What to Know before you go

Arènes de Vérone

Italy is a charming destination and a country with a historical dimension outsized. Each of Italian cities is authentic with a style to it, a very different atmosphere from all others. Apart from Rome and Venice, the two cities heritage so wealthy that several other Italian cities unnoticed. This may be the case of Verona often proposed as a simple subject tour from Venice or Milan, as this city deserves indeed to spend a real holiday.

This is since antiquity as Verona is what gives his story a remarkable wealth. The Verona historic heritage will delight architecture buffs. Arena amphitheater and are waiting for you to represent the symbol of this city. From antiquity to the Renaissance, through the Middle Ages, the monuments of Verona as original than authentic, offer history lovers extreme happiness. The famous Verona Arena hosting an annual opera festival.

A visit to Verona necessarily require a visit to the Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori to see the palaces grouped around these places. The Basilica of San Zeno is a monument not to be missed either.

The center of Verona, retaining some aspects of medieval times, is to visit, especially the Casa Giulietta's famous tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, so when you're in town do not hesitate. At the Casa de Giulietta, lovers can access the famous balcony from which Juliet as Romeo contact.

It is essential to coincide your trip to Verona with the date of the opera festival to enjoy such prestigious shows.

with its location just steps from the Alpine foothills, near Verona is a true masterpiece of nature. Visit Verona without afford a trip around would be a waste. A visit to the famous rolling countryside will take you directly to Lake Garda.

accommodation in Verona offers a multitude of formula of high standing in the city center at the most basic hotel of the station area. Many are the formulas of your accommodation, Verona still offers the same charm its visitors.