Good free plans in London. Quelaues ideas


London can be seen as the favorite destination for those who love the nightlife or otherwise cultural trips. Known for its history full of glory and movements, London offers visitors a multitude of monuments and museums to discover the centuries. This historic city subsidizes the majority of museums and galleries and even offers a free guided tour of some of them

Visit London and enjoy a multitude of plans and free entries.

British Museum, the largest and most famous museums in London. Spanning 3 levels, this gigantic museum contains 94 galleries including a collection of 7 million items from countries around the world. Access to the collections is free so enjoy to visit the largest art museum in UK

Imperial War Museum. Containing a large collection of 20th and conflicts 21st century, on the northern part of this museum, you can enjoy the exhibition 'the Big picture', every hour the lights of the exposure main hall is dim, and you can see quotes and photos of war projected on the walls. Entry to the museum is free all year

Museum of London. Illustrating 250 million years of London history, it contains a diverse collection housed in 14 rooms. The collections of this museum depict all aspects of daily life in London since the city was called Londinium.

National Maritime Museum: Lying in Greenwich, National Maritime Museum and the National Maritime Museum is the largest maritime museum britannique and one of the largest in the world. It contains a collection of many English National Marine parts including parts failed with the Titanic and recovered thereafter.

museums outlined above, we also find a multitude of other art galleries with free access as the natural history museum, is held there the most important natural history exhibitions in the world, the museum of science, Sir John Soane's museum, Victoria Albert Museum, the Royal Air Force Musuem exposing weapons, uniforms and war planes. Battle of London with a sound and light show with use of a flight simulator!