The coolest bars in London


The nice bars in London. Pubs

London is renowned as one of the most festive capitals of the world! This is reflected in the wide variety of bars at the city: cocktail bars, DJs, concerts, football matches, atmosphere chic, gay or popular (and many other), there is something for everyone! But for a first visit to London, a type of bar is a must in the British capital: pubs course! The culture of anime London pub evenings debut long, unmistakable real ritual for many London (s). Diners are served early in pubs, since they begin to refuel from 17 hours. The beer flows high flow throughout the evening! The pub has such broadly diversified: the typical old establishments, pubs connected with DJ concerts, gastro-pubs or pubs sanitized chains were grafted to the impressive number of bars at London. Soho, Covent Garden and the banks of the Thames remain the most tourist bars in neighborhoods, Camden Town pub in Whitechapel or Brixton will offer you more typically London ambiance.