The coolest bar in Brussels


Discover the cool bars of Brussels

Discover the atmosphere of the Brussels bar in the evening is a separate activity when staying in the Belgian capital: warm atmosphere, friendly, affordable rates are set in many central Brussels addresses around the Grand Place and the surrounding streets, but also in more peripheral areas (but not very far from the center) such as Ixelles and St Gilles, where we find to excellent bars again. Consumption level, you will want to like beer, because we drink gallons in Brussels bars! The choice is vast and often we appreciate really tasty beers; the perfect example to taste the beer remains the Delirium, tavern center of Brussels whose card is more like a book so the choice is vast! A bar became institution in Brussels; otherwise, some examples of nice bars in the city: the Poechenellekeldor Zebra Bar, the Goupil le Fol, Pablo Discobar ...