The attractions of Disneyland Paris not to be missed

Ile-De-France - Paris

The visit to Disneyland has become a big must for Parisian family stays ... and not only family matter! A warning though: this amusement park is huge and if we add the recent Walt Disney Studios neighbor is around 60 attractions in total! Unless you stay several days on site, better target its choice before coming ... especially it can get crowded, so as to set its priorities on the 10 best attractions in Disneyland Paris:

Space Mountain Mission 2

As always one of the great symbols of Disneyland Paris Space Mountain Mission 2 was able to mutate over the years to preserve all its attractiveness to the public. Inspired by the work of Jules Verne, Space Mountain propels you at any pace in a wagon for a trip through space. Thrills guaranteed, this trip promises many twists, turns, loops, etc ...

Phantom Manor

Or the ghost mansion for those who are not comfortable with English. Again, one of the iconic attractions of Disneyland Paris, but also one of the most successful. From the outside, the mansion already gives goosebumps! And because it is haunted ... what visitors experience on small vehicles carrying around the building, and strange things that take place.


This is one of the latest attractions of Walt Disney Studios, but she was quick to forge a solid reputation. Around the world of Ratatouille (Disney Pixar), in the kitchen of a Parisian restaurant, you are instead of the hero Remy. Who remembered, is a rat ... it is in the skin of this little animal, immersed in a 3D environment, you need to escape a thousand adventures.

Crush's Coaster

Always the Walt Disney Studios Park side, we dive this time in the animated movie Finding Nemo universe. Diving turns right word, since Nemo in question is a fish. A four, is mounted on board of a rotary turtle shell, spinning on rails; an underwater adventure begins feeling.

Big Thunder Mountain

These are of course the thrill rides that win the most success at Disneyland Paris. One of Big Thunder Mountain is true for over 20 years. In the countries of the Far West, a runaway train offers visitors the lead in the middle of an abandoned mine, which is deemed more damned ... if the Thunder stories are added and lakes to cross, adventure takes downright irresistible look!

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Or Buzz Lightyear Laser Battle, French. This helps you? To refresh the memory, Buzz Lightyear is the hero of Toy's Story, animated film having a great success for his humor in particular. Here, the visitor is immersed in a crazy world full of robots toy-enemies that can knock out with his laser gun. An interactive and entertaining course, open to all.

Peter Pan's Flight

Oh Peter Pan Walt Disney ... what a great dive back into childhood of many visitors who exceed the thirty year. They will not miss Peter Pan's Flight, an attraction that will revive all the good memories of the film. Indeed, we are talking about to embark on a flying boat, left to fly over London and the Magic Country, home of Peter Pan.

Pirates of the Caribbean

For once, the attraction is not inspired by the film, since it is the opposite! Pirates of the Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean) so is not the replica of Jack Sparrow universe, but there will find many similarities. Hackers have always had success in amusement parks: this is a cruise in the middle of crazy or sinister pirates, with of course, a treasure to the key .

It's a small world

Of the original attractions at Disneyland, it is present in all Disney parks in the world. In other words: a must. Here, no thrills and adventures disheveled. More poetic, '' It's a small world '' invites you to the yard of a cruise from the meeting of all countries of the world, whose inhabitants are represented by animated puppets and costumed. A real show.

Tower of Terror

This high tower that dominates the Walt Disney Studios park will not tell you anything worthwhile? Know that nicknamed the Tower of Terror. Those who do may find themselves immersed in a hotel in the Hollywood of the 30s, the equipment, elevators specifically, a serious lack of maintenance. however we will have to borrow one, despite the imminent risk of a precipitous drop ... because the Tower of Terror has many floors!