Scams and tourist traps in Barcelona


Barcelona is the ideal destination for a few days, with culture, monuments, parks, entertainment, bars and fiesta ... So, yes, Barcelona's tourist and that says big tourist numbers also said tourist traps! The most common, not to be had in Barcelona ...


It's a little wound in Barcelona. In high traffic areas such as La Rambla and in stations, better beware of bags and parcels lying around. Some small scams are often cited on travel forums, the officer false, the person that catches your eye while his accomplices are your pockets, etc ... avoid having the air of a lost tourist to hang the bag open, visible to leave valuables on you or in the car, and all should go well!

Sleeping on the beach:

Barceloneta example, many say with the mild temperatures it would be nice (and cheaper) to sleep on the sand ... well no, it is not at all a good idea because you put all the chances on your side to rob you at night!

The monte:

You know, this game is to find a puck hidden among three cups (also works with cards). Tell yourself that the only ones who 'earn' 'are the accomplices, whereas when you try your luck, attracted by the lure of easy money, the puck will be impossible to find!

Travel by car:

Barcelona, ​​not far from the border, so it's tempting to go by car. If this is the case, try to get rid of your vehicle will resume the day of departure. Problem of parking and traffic, the car remains the tourist trap that one tends yourself in Barcelona.

cardboard figurines:

They are funny these figurines that you sell on the street, they dance to the music! Only once a home, we must learn to reproduce the '' stuff '' for them to outline not least, ie a small string and a crank!

El Raval night:

It would be a shame not to go, because the area has some great bars, but know that El Raval night is also much frequented by drug dealers and prostitutes, for whom the tourists (mostly drunk) is an excellent pigeon .

The hostel at the last moment:

Or how to shoot in the foot of its budget. There are a lot of hostels in Barcelona, ​​but more young partygoers every weekend! So book if not, no more cheap dorm will not welcome you. And again, forget the beach for the night ...

The trendy bars too:

Barcelona is a frenetic and resto-bars close, open and change to high speed trend. sometimes bordering on hype, more savory additions to an inventive tapas stranded ...