The 15 best wines in Spain


The wine was introduced in Spain there are many centuries by the Phoenicians. The opening of Spain to the European Union and its return to democracy led to a reorganization of the wine industry. Today, the Spanish vineyard represents 1.1 million hectares spread over the whole country. Here is a list of 15 of the best Spanish wines.

1. Capa 2014

This Spanish wine is truly an exceptional wine. it was gold medalist Mundos Vini 2015 and gold medalist in the competition of Tempranillos the world. This is a red wine very harmonious and balanced with fruity and spicy aromas.

2. Macadeo Chardonnay 2014

This white wine comes from one of the most beautiful areas of Spain: Bodegas Castano. This white wine is very fresh and exotic flavors are strong in the mouth and make wriggle the taste buds. What a great discovery!

3. Flor of montgo organic Tempranillo 2013

This organic red wine was gold medalist in the competition Mundos Vini BioFach 2015. This wine was made from grapes harvested manually. This wine is full-bodied and rich in flavors with aromas of plum, dark chocolate, strawberries ... Enjoy with a beef bourguignon or even a duck in orange.

4. Monastrell 2014

This red wine has medaled twice in 2014. This wine is slightly drunk chilled to enjoy its freshness, its fruity aromas but also its density.

5. Tinto Seleccion 2014

Gourmet Guide elected this wine "best red wine unoaked of Spain." Very fruity aromas of spice and ripe fruit give it a soft texture, velvety and warm on the palate. A true marvel.

6. Talento ego by 2013

This red wine is very harmonious. Its aromas are marked red and black fruits but also of black pepper. Very rich and slightly acidic, this wine will captivate your senses and your taste buds émoustillera.

7. Flor del Montgo

Spanish white wine is organic. Very aromatic, this wine will wake you up with the aromas of lemon and grapefruit acid. Very fresh on the palate, it is eaten with pleasure with an entry. Very light and pleasant in the mouth.

8. Noemus Joven 2014

This organic wine has ripe fruit aromas with an endnote slightly peppery giving all the intensity and charm to this nectar that will please all your guests and perfectly suit an aperitif or barbecue.

9. Tresoro of bullas 2009

You will find, tasting this wine, aromas of wild blueberries, spice and undergrowth that give this wine a velvety texture and a real intensity.

10. Vina altamar 2013

This variety is a real aromatic explosion of spices, red fruits. This wine leaves a cooling sensation in the mouth long after tasting. This wine comes from the Ribera del Duero region, a true symbol of quality. In 2012, this region was named Wine Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast.

11. Bole 2012

This red wine was gold medalist at the Brussels World Contest. It is delicious, creamy. It is rich in ripe fruit flavors. spicy aromas and woodlands that are a real explosion in the mouth. This wine has a power, an intensity that you will love it.

12. Hecula 2013

This wine seems to be the reference wine in Spain: the wine never disappoints and is particularly popular with Spaniards. This red wine with bright cherry red color. You can easily smell the spices, fruits which balance perfectly.

13. Oloroso Mercedes

This red wine is aromatic mahogany color that velvety but full-bodied and slightly sweet. It is drunk advantage to the aperitif or dessert, accompanied by prunes to discover all the flavors of this wine.

14. Dona Beatriz 2014

Gold Medal Bacchus 2015, this white wine is easy to drink, very well balanced and fruity notes.

15. twelve 12 Monastrell 2011

Let's finish with this rich and delicious wine, rich with woody aromas of ripe fruit. This wine is very expressive, balanced, your guests will be crazy!