The 15 best Belgian beers to taste!

Belgium has little known and recognized wineries, culinary specialties are restricted chocolate and some others (fries ....) but Belgium beers that are recognized, no doubt, as the best the world.

1. Chimay White

This is called beer Trappist beer. This means that the Chimay and all other Trappist beers are brewed under control fans monks beers. And yes, they exist! Relatively strong and moderately long finish, this is one of the best Belgian beers for sure!

2. Westmalle Triple

The triple westmalle is a Trappist beer. To believe that the Belgian monks controlling the manufacture of beer are guarantors of the quality of their beers. This is a lager character. The real men, particularly appreciate this strong beer bitterness. This beer has more than 9 degrees.

3. Duvel

As much as there are Trappist beers which produced under control of the monks, there are also abbey beers. The duvel one of them. Slightly sweet, this beer is drunk alone, as a special treat and is quite mild. This is a slightly troubled lager

4. Hapkin

This particular beer is consumed in summer, during high heat periods. This Belgian beer is very light and extremely refreshing. To consume without moderation.

5. Corsendonk

Unlike the Duvel beer that is slightly disturbed lager, Corsendonk is an undisturbed lager, although most refreshing Duvel. This beer still remains relatively strong as it is at 8.5 & deg;.

6. Karmeliet Triple

This beer is particularly popular with women and young women since with its 8 & deg ;, we do not feel very little alcohol. This beer has a peculiarity: it is made with 5 different cereals .

7. Brunehaute

This beer is a refreshing beer as much by its lightness in taste. It is also very lightweight, which makes it a popular beer in the summer.

8. Geuze Boon

This is a very special beer since it is composed of a particular mixture and dared 3 different lambic. A lambic 3 years old, a 6 year old and a 9 year old. Its aroma is found in slightly acidic and slightly tannic. This makes this beer, special beer whose taste remains in the mouth and you love or you hate.

9. Orval

This is again a Trappist beer so manufactured under the control of the monks. This beer is slightly spicy. This is a dark beer which we appreciate its relative lightness. A man's beer but not that!

10. Faro

The Belgian would tell you that this is a beer for women and children. We answer that children should not drink alcohol! Women will appreciate this particularly sweet beer. It is only 4 & deg ;. This beer takes its secret method of manufacture as during manufacture, the candy is added to the lambic.

11. Kwak

This is an amber beer with an alcohol content of 8.4%. It is said that its name comes from the noise you hear when dry-ass drink and the air goes into the glass but the truth is not there because the name comes from the name of the inventor of this beer: Pauwel Kwak. The main ingredients of this beer are water, hops, yeast, sugar, barley and malt.

12. Trappist Rochefort 8

We find here a Trappist beer. Five under the Abbey of Our Lady of Saint-Rémy working at the brewery creating Rochefort beer. There are three types of Rochefort beers. The oldest is 6, 8 is named special about the 10, it is called the "Wonder". The Trappist Rochefort has an alcohol content of 9.2%

13. Kasteel Brown

There are four types of this beer: blonde, brunette, road and triple. The blonde is the lightest alcohol since it has an alcohol content of 7 & deg; on the brown and triple, they have a higher alcohol content because at 11 & deg ;. Finally the red has an alcohol content of 8 & deg ;. The brunette is characterized by its stronger flavor, one that makes this beer a real character of beer.

14. Delirium tremens

This beer is distinguished by the fact that the foam is fine and abundant. This beer fizzes in the mouth and has an alcohol content of 9 & deg ;. Slightly peppery and bitter, it is either loved or hated but must imperatively be tasted!

15. Bush amber

There are several types of bush but this one is that in the more pronounced malt flavor. It has a relatively high alcohol content as 12%. It is thus one of the strongest beers in Belgium